Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

 Credit:   Quote Catalog

Credit: Quote Catalog

Actually this is my first to watch a film starred by Jennifer Lawrence, or the then-best-duo with Bradley Cooper. It's directed by David O. Russel, who previously worked for The Fighter. I decided to watch it since it won so many achievements, from Academy Awards, SAG, BAFTA, to Critic's Choice Awards. Also, I think this film is just worth to watch because Bradley Cooper (duh), Robert de Niro, and Chris Tucker are the casts.

It came out in an interesting plot and with great characters. Mainly it's about a man with mental disorder and troubled life, who wishes to fix his relationship with an ex-wife, then got intense chemistry with a woman who's equally complicated. In the end, the two became partners to rebuild their life.

 Credit:  Vulture

Credit: Vulture

Pat Solitano Jr. (played by Bradley Cooper) has been receiving treatment for his bipolar disorder and loved by his dysfunctional family. Upon his returning to home, he's been planning to make up with his ex-wife, but a court order limits him to do something with it. Then, enter Tiffany Maxwell (played by Jennifer Lawrence), another hopeless life-form who becomes friends with Pat. Both of them decide to help each other out with their life, but their friendship blossoms into romance.

The film turns out to be cheesy romantic as fuck and so Hollywood, playing safe for the happy ending. I kinda thought it would end in a quirky way, like Pat would die at the end, got hit by a car (the way like Tommy died). Just thought that it would be kinda more dramatic.

And as a person who thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is overrated, I think her performance in this film is good. Yes, I didn't like her very much in The Hunger Games. In Silver Linings Playbook, however, she makes me wishing that I would see her doing great like that in the future. Her role as Tiffany was a jackpot for an Oscar. But still, Bradley Cooper's better. I think the performance of the characters in this film justifies all the achievements it won.

Rating: 4 out of 5