Some weeks ago, I just spent two weeks in Melbourne and it became one of the greatest time in my life. At first I didn't really planning to go there, but then I realized that I really needed some time-off, looking at my barely-taken leave balance. My mom then suggested me to visit my cousin in Melbourne, Australia. I have a cousin who lived there studying at Monash University, Melbourne. So, for 10 days, I kinda tagged along in her place near Caulfield.

The second I arrived in the city, I just knew that I would really love it. Melbourne is quite a busy city like Jakarta, but ultimately more organized than the capital city of Indonesia. Also, Melbourne's more classic and alive. I've never been to European countries, but I think the city depicts those cities in Europe which what I've seen on films. No wonder that it became my most favorite city I've ever visited, and Singapore became the second.

My favorite destinations in Melbourne are Melbourne Museum, State Library of Victoria, and Phillip Island (it's hard to choose, trust me). I was fascinated by Melbourne Museum, since I think that was the most complete museum I've ever visited. From things about dinosaurs, human body, to aboriginal history, you can find them there. I was also in love with the architecture of the State Library. One of the reading rooms actually reminds me of Hogwarts, with the old desks and classic architecture. My trip to Phillip Island was the most exciting thing, since I got to see real life penguins, even closer! Hate the cold, though.

I spent the first ten days in Melbourne and the last three days in Hobart, Tasmania. Tasmania is all about wildlife and natural attraction, so it's a good destination to visit after spending so many times in the city of Melbourne.

Hobart is a great old-town-esque destination, with  blended heritage and culture of its classic charm and modern lifestyle. Well, since Hobart is the second oldest capital in Australia, after Sydney, there are many historic houses, dating from the first European settlement. But, some modern architectures can also be found around the city, which give elegant city sight-seeing. Strolling around the city, going up to the summit of Mount Wellington, and taking pictures around Richmond Bridge are my favorite activities in Hobart. Quite upset for not having enough time to visit the famous and historical Salamanca Market.


All photographs by Ruth Vania Christine