Lovely Heart-Shaped Maldives: Pulo Cinta

Finally, amidst busy days of work, I got the chance to go travelling. Well, actually it's not really travelling experience or even holiday. It's just me being sent out of town to cover Menko Bidang Kemaritiman Rizal Ramli's visit to Gorontalo. So, definitely it's work duty. But, my colleagues usually call that as some kind of getaway, because, well, how can journalists get vacation? They even rarely sleep on time.

However, overall my trip was super fun, because I've never been to Sulawesi. I flew to Makassar from Jakarta by Garuda Indonesia, then continue the flight to Gorontalo with the same airline. Jalaluddin Airport Gorontalo is sure a very small airport that I even didn't realize that it's an airport.

The one lovely place that I wanna highlight in this travel story is Pulo Cinta. It's a new travel destination, proudly promoted as Gorontalo's very own Maldives. Since the name is Pulo Cinta, the owner claimed that the shape of the island looks like a heart symbol. Though I haven't witness it by drone cameras or else, but I saw pictures of it on Google and it's quite looked like that.


Pulo Cinta is a really small island, with an eco resort that floats above the sandy island to the salty sea around it. There are 19 wooden village, each connects with wooden bridge that I'm sure also shaped as a heart symbol. The inside of the villages is really amazing, with artsy interiors originally made and sent from Bali! I would really like to extend my stay there and took pictures all day.

The owner said that the resort is designed to be a honeymoon destination. Well, it really shows, looking at the design and interiors. Also, every village is built in a good position to get great views, like sunrise, sunset, clear water, and even night sky full of stars! I think it's a very romantic place worth a visit. Mr Ramli said that the heart-shaped island really reminds him of Maldives, with its luxurious resorts and romantic atmosphere.


I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to have one night experience at one of the villages, for free. Although the resort wasn't fully ready to be lived in and almost all the villas were still in construction, it's such a nice experience to be able to spent a night there. I absolutely recommend this place as the ultimate travel destination in Gorontalo. Located near Kabupaten Boalemo, Pulo Cinta can be reached by ferry from Pelabuhan Tilamutu, Boalemo, Gorontalo. From Jalaluddin Airport Gorontalo, you can take rental cars for two-hour-long drive to Boalemo.

Oh, I nearly forget. I spent most of the journey with the people from Menko Bidang Kemaritiman, Mbak Ilma and Mbak Hida (shout out to these amazing and kind people!). At Gorontalo, we were also kindly hosted by the local officials, who seemed never tired of accompanying us to places, fulfilling our wishes and plans, anytime and anywhere! Never thought that Gorontalo would make a good trip. The beautiful people are really missed.


All photographs by Ruth Vania Christine