Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

I've just done reading the two sequels of Maze Runner series, and overall it's great! Some friends had been telling me to read the series, because I've also just finished reading the Hunger Games series and enjoyed it. There are four sequels for this series: 'The Maze Runner', 'The Scorch Trials', 'The Death Cure', and 'The Kill Order'. I will put all the review of each sequels here, and though I haven't really finished the series, the review of the next sequel will be just updated here. So, stay updated!

The Maze Runner

Credit:  Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

Wicked good. Full of surprises. I mean, really, it's a page-turner. Even I think this book cannot be categorized as children fiction (or I'm really that shallow kid-like and easy-pleased reader). This book is really recommended for Hunger Games fans out there, with the dystopian adventure and great cliffhangers. Quite lives up to my expectations after enjoying the Hunger Games series and hope for the same sensation.

I hate Thomas, the main character, cause he's so annoying. Well, it's a common personality for a teenage boy like him, and also it's kind of understandable due to the confusing situation. But, really, with all those confusion and depression over a lost memory, I wonder, how come that his head didn't explode? Also, I think James Dashner is too over with information about how confused and depressed Thomas was. It's just too much and annoying.

Meanwhile, I like Minho the most, then Newt, although they're all just some supporting characters. But, honestly, they're the only ones who make the story interesting. It's because all of the details about Thomas, like confused Thomas, doubtful Thomas, depressed Thomas, etc are just freaking too much and making the story quite boring. What I expected was some little insight stories about the supporting characters, like Minho, Newt, and Teresa, since they're the ones who turned out really important to Thomas.

The Scorch Trials

Credit:  Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

As the start, I'm disappointed with this second sequel. Although it still got my heart racing while reading, the first sequel is so much better than this. I mean, Thomas was even more annoying and the supporting characters were all losing the spotlight. This sequel still brings out too much information about how confused and depressed Thomas in the story. It's completely annoying and even making the plot felt random. I also felt that in this sequel, Thomas became more like an unrealistic character (despite the story and all the characters are non-fiction).

I hate Teresa here, while deep down inside I kinda accept why she did 'something-so-bad' for Thomas. But, I felt that it would hurt so much if I were Thomas. Also hate all the romance between her and Thomas, just because it felt nothing. Brenda, however, becomes the only girl I like in this sequel. Minho is still my ultimate favorite character, with all his snap-sarcastic comments and chatters. I think those supporting characters are the ones who kept me reading and hoping for other interesting things came out in the book (which turned out doesn't happen).

Despite all my criticism, I'm still going to read the next sequel, just to see how this series ends. Please stay updated for my review on the next book.


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