Carousell Indonesia

I've been trying to get rid off things in my cupboard that I don't use, wear, or need anymore. FYI, my cupboard is already overcapacity because I've been saving many useless and rare-to-be-worn things there: from clothes, shoes, makeup, to other small things. So, I was thinking about selling some of them which are still in good condition to make some space in my storage. At first, I planned to do it on Instagram--like many nowadays people would do--but then I ended up looking for other efficient options.

It's because I hate to maintain any additional Instagram page. I have to admit that doing business through Instagram is quite painful, because you can only gain viewers from followers and to get followers and surely a lot of work needs to be done for that. I browsed around the internet for any buy and sell online platform, and then I found Carousell. Carousell is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods, originally based in Singapore. It is now used in some South-East Asian countries including Indonesia, and I'm telling you, it's totally legit.

You can sell almost anything on Carousell, for there are many categories provided. From preloved women and men fashion, health and beauty, electronic and gadgets, cars, property, babies and kids, to tickets and vouchers. It's like if you're searching for anything, Carousell might have it! In Indonesia, seems like the community marketplace has been growing big. I mean, look at how varied the items sold there. If you're looking for a 

I've been using it for likely a month or so now to sell any preloved things of mine and I love it! I mean, it's a really great online marketplace! Its functions are close to Instagram, but Carousell is more like a platform that really focus on being a place to one-stop shop or sell. To compare, for example, on Instagram you have to gather followers and else to get buyers, but on Carousell all you have to do is to make sure that you're a trusted seller/buyer. You don't have to be so fussy about getting followers or viewers on Carousell, because it will randomly pick your things to be featured everyday or every week.

How to Use Carousell

Here are the easy steps to sell and buy on Carousell through its official website, for general use. The steps may be similar for the app, both for Android and Apple. 


  1. Just click "Sell" on the top right of the page.
  2. Choose any photo you like to represent the item you want to sell. The first photo will be the cover photo and the rest will be some optional photos for the additional details of the item.
  3. Complete the form required as the item's description, regarding the category, item name, and price. You can also give some details on mailing or delivery, like whether you would use local courier companies (JNE, TIKI) or delivery services (GO-SEND, GrabExpress), or prefer a meet-up (COD).
  4. If things are all set, wrap it up by clicking "List Item". Your item's officially available at the marketplace!


  1. Click "Buy Now" on the bottom of the item description box. A space contains the price to offer will show and if you're already settle with the price, click "Make Offer".
  2. Head to your account inbox and you'll find your offer has been sent to the seller. Do the transaction after it's accepted, so you can exchange feedbacks later.
  3. Review the seller by clicking "Leave Feedback" and ask the seller to review you as a buyer too. Happy shopping!

Useful Tips

- To sell more, do: (1) Make your item nicely presented by capturing clear photos of the item. Simple editing tools are available within the application. (2) Describe your item as detail as possible. Include details about brand, sizing, condition, usage, expiration, ingredients, and originality. (3) Make your item available anywhere. Put some keywords or tags, share your item to the social media. (4) Use the feedback system. Gaining positive feedbacks from other users will surely gain others' trust to buy your item.


- To shop safe, do: (1) Review the seller feedback. Users with positive feedbacks are supposedly the right ones. (2) Be reasonable. Do not easily excited for extreme low prices. Cheap price isn't everything, your trust is. (3) Start every transactions by making or accepting offers. Accepted offers will allow you and the person doing transaction with you to give each other feedbacks. (4) Opt to meet-up or COD if you're going to buy things higher than 1,000,000 IDR. It's basically just to make sure that you risk the money right.


Remember that positive feedbacks are really the key to sell more and shop safe. So make sure to really use it whenever you do transactions and help the community to build a safe environment to shop on Carousell.

Selling and buying are surprisingly easy on Carousell! Just like what the tagline said: "Snap to Sell, Chat to Buy". You really don't have to worry about promotions or endorsements etc for your things to sell. Just snap, give it the best-you-can-give description, then upload. To buy something, you just have to chat, make offer, get a deal, do some transaction, done. Using Carousell for a month, I've sold five preloved things (mostly clothes and shoes) and almost all of the things I sell got offers. I mean, it's pretty good platform for a lazy seller like me. It's so easy, just snap things!

I already recommend Carousell to many people I know and they have the same feedback on it. So, I really recommend that to you all! Just give it a try if you somehow probably need to ditch some things in your room, house, or apartment, that aren't used/worn anymore but still in good condition to be reused. Or if you're looking for a great deal on something you've been wanting to buy or try. You can also sell or buy new things there. And it even comes handy in your smartphone. Just download it free via App Store (Apple) or PlayStore (Android).