Finally Graduated!

Finally, it's graduation time! Can't believe it has been four years since I dedicated a post in this blog to celebrate my successful attempt to study at Universitas Indonesia. Yes, studying at UI had been one of my biggest dream, and so is graduating from it. So happy that for the umpteenth time I can make my family proud.

The day was great. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome with formal wardrobes. Maybe I was overreacting, but I had goosebumps once 'Hymne UI' was sung and echoed through Balairung UI. My eyes all watery from my disbelief that I've finally graduated. That I've passed another big milestone of life.

All the hard works and pain in the ass paid off, though. With all those "skripsi" shits and other things I did for a degree. I'm so thankful that I have such wonderful friends who always got my back over all these four years, and had become my unbiological brothers and sisters.

But, besides happy for the freedom I've got after all the hard works, graduating is also a sad thing for me. Because it also means leaving all the happy life I got in Depok. From the familiar faces I used to see on a daily basis, to the unforgettable moments with people that I care of. It would be surely hard for me to leave all that life that I've become comfortable with. Guess these four years will be just another good memory to me.

However, to be honest, I still can't say anything about my future. Four years as an undergraduate and I've finally reached this point: the future. Bam! The days that I've been counting down have run out. The moment when I hit the edge is happening. I mean, for now I've got a handful of translate projects, but that's only some temporary things to do. So, I have to decide: now what?

I still can't figure out what my future would be, because there are too many options. As an English Literature graduate, I'm expected to be able to try a various range of jobs, from translating to product-selling. To start off, I love writing. And so far, I've been trying to look around for writing-related jobs, like content writer, or maybe translator. I used to work as an intern for Jakarta Post's Speak! magazine. So, I'm considering a career in the media industry. But, I don't know, I'm still looking around and hoping for the best.

However, regardless of where I will be heading, I'm happy that I'm moving further. That's the best part. For now, I guess graduating is mainly just a thing that changes my "student" status to "unemployed".