A Getaway to Sukabumi

 Credit: Photo by  Orlova Maria  on  Unsplash

Credit: Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

I just had a getaway for a pre-holiday to Sukabumi. The story behind this journey started from my Journalistic final assignment. My friend Rendy told me that he wanted to go to Sukabumi and get to know the story about Nyi Roro Kidul and the room #308 of Samudra Beach Hotel. Then, I just told him that I'd like to tag along with my other two friends, Melati and Nirma.

Later, we decided to invite Riki in our adventure because he is from Sukabumi and he kinda needed a ride to go back home. We rode on a four wheels and got Rendy behind the steer. Riki then invited us to have lunch at his house. Apparently, his family has two houses. The second house is an orange little house, which has a great thing laid behind it. It's crops field, miles and miles til far away.

We continued the trip again before dark to Palabuhanratu, where the road became more and more challenging and dangerous. The most fun thing on the trip is we sang along all the way to Palabuhanratu! We were ran out of music CD, so we decided to sing along with Rendy's dad's CD collections, which are pieces of dangdut, folk-song, and ultimate pop Indo circa 1990 - 2000. We laughed our ass off on a piece of Betawi kinda song and sang like crazy on Radja's album.

 The inside of Room #308 Samudra Beach Hotel, widely known as the room of Nyi Roro Kidul. Credit:  DisParBud Jabar

The inside of Room #308 Samudra Beach Hotel, widely known as the room of Nyi Roro Kidul. Credit: DisParBud Jabar

I don't want to talk much about the room at Samudra Beach Hotel, because, to be honest, most of the time I felt uneasy about the "parallel universe" thingie. Well, who wouldn't be? I mean, we just got out from the creepiest room I've ever visited. But, all the way back to Sukabumi (which is the part that I hate the most), the whole people in the car, except me, talked about paranormal things.

Driving home, the road wasn't with us. We stack in the middle of big trucks, lining for the traffic. It took so long to go that Rendy had to turn off the engine and decided to play "Truth or Dare" with me, Mel, and Nirma. Quite fun, though in the end everyone shared their most of the most secret (well not exactly everyone, just Rendy and Nirma). At the end, we made it to Depok at 2.30 am.