The White and Grey Era

Ah... Who wouldn't love to do a little flashback to the past. Well, as good as my life has started to turn out so far, I still find myself reminiscing the good old days of high school. For me, those three years were great, with all the crazy stuffs and togetherness. And I do miss it all.

I'll be lying if I said that I've never told myself, like: "Oh, I wanna pass this fucked up year! The seniors were sucks!", or something like that. Yes, there were bad times, but even those have made me missing high school more, like: "Gosh, this is the way I dressed back in high school? You gotta be kidding! Argh, I miss that moment!".

Back in high school, I'm not that popular girl with all the outgoing attitude, super cool look, and stylish girl-squad. I was an introvert average student, with glasses and over-sized uniforms. Well, my skinny body wouldn't let me to fit any tight-tailored uniforms. How could I, even small-sized uniforms were too big for me. I even think that I had the worst taste of style back then. And I always hate my super straight hair. I hate to have it super sleek and always had excuses to not to comb it. Because I looked super skinny with super straight hair. In fact, I was one of those students who come messy to school.

And eventhough I looked like a mess back then, I didn't mess up with school. Basically, back in high school, I hated all the academic things. Even English, my most favorite subject when I was still a school student, bored me. My marks weren't the greatest, but I was a good girl. Well, not that good, all I did in class was daydreaming and being online on my cellphone (blame the good Wi-Fi). But, at least I maintained a good connection with teachers, while not trying to be a teacher's pet.

I wasn't the student who was really involved in school activities. I didn't belong to any high school organizations, because my time were already full of academic stuffs. The only activities that I joined were the school events. I was one of the sport competition and festival committee, an event that my school hold annually. Joining it three times didn't make myself any cooler, though. But, I met my then-ex-boyfriend there.

High school dramas were also one of the things that I hate. Those are the things that now made me think how stupid I was. I was the girl who interacted with everybody at school. I also made close friends with whom I was comfortable and who some of them are my friends since junior high. I love them all, but sometimes there were times when we had some misunderstandings, which was really ridiculous that we had to fight over it. But then we made up and friendship goes on. However, those dramas made me learn a lot to not to be stupid or ridiculously overreacting.

Being a college girl now, I'd definitely kill to go back to high school, and relive it all with all the knowledge and experience I have now. I wish I had good judgment back then. I think the point of my high school year is being all foolish and naive, but happy and crazy at the same time. It's a good thing, but a sad thing also. I wish I could do-over the good old days, not just because I miss them, but also because I want to make things right. I wish I could relive the friendships and redo the wrongs.