Trying Out Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore

Trying Out Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore

Finally checking-off one of the things on my dream list: SKYDIVING!!!

…but it’s indoor, so how the hell y—chill out, guys, this isn’t what it sounds like. First off, I gotta thank Singapore Tourism Board for letting me to try this unforgettable experience. Yes, the experience was a part of the media trip to Singapore with STB, and overall my most favorite!

As I said before, skydiving is one of the things in my must-do-before-I-die list (I know—what a crazy little fella I am) and I’m glad that I got the chance to check it off the list! When Mas Yoyo from Edelman (the agency represented STB) informed me about the plan to try skydiving at iFly Singapore, I was super excited. I already wrote about the experience for some articles on and Tribun Network, but here’s the complete story…


The fun experience took place at iFly Singapore, an attraction in Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, that offers skydiving simulation experience for beginners to professional skydivers. Apparently it’s the biggest indoor skydiving facilitation in the world, featuring the largest vertical wind tunnel—where the most exciting part of the experience happens! Called "the largest" because we're talking about a huge acrylic glass tunnel heighted 56,5 feet (almost five stories high!). Joining me was a fellow journalist and actor Dwi Sasono with his family (including his wife singer Widi Mulia and kids Dru, Widuri, and Den Bagus).

For us, that was definitely our first time to try indoor skydiving (I didn't even know such thing actually exist up until I joined this trip). And because of that, I was a little nervous since I didn't know a thing about skydiving. But iFly Singapore assured anyone—from beginners to pros, from kids to adults—that the experience is fully instructed and closely supervised by certified instructors, who are very skilled on body-flying. Prior to the flight time, we had to do the check-in at the information desk to make sure that all of us met the requirements to body-flying. I have to say, the staffs were very helpful and informative in assisting us.


After we filled and signed the required form, one of the instructors, Shamir, greeted us and took us to the training room. It’s a small auditorium where we were shown a video and briefed on things we must know about first-time body-flying. The basic knowledge include the steps to body-flying, the right body position to float in the air, the dos and don'ts, and the hand signals when flying. He also asked us to practice our flying posture by laying on our chest on the mattress as if we’re flying (pictured are Mas Dwi and his son Dru). Shamir was very friendly and assertive in giving the necessary preparation (he was even great with children). After he made sure that we understand everything, he took us upstairs, where the locker room and Flight Chamber are.

In the locker room, we were provided with the flying gears: jumpsuits, laced-shoes, helmets, goggles, and ear plugs. All provided in different sizes, with general sizing. You can put your things in the lockers and there are also changing rooms. It's suggested that we put off jewelries or small valuables (necklaces, watches, coins), as it's possible for them to come off or fall when we fly. If you have a long hair, please tied it up beforehand as it would be messy up there (although you've worn your helmet). Another thing that Shamir reminded us was to smile while flying. It’s because there are cameras around the Flight Chamber that are always ready to capture us in action. And, yes, you can take and pay for the documentations afterwards at the information desk.

Trying out skydiving at iFly Singapore (By Ruthie)

Unfortunately, I have no proper documentation for my experience. The stupid me forgot to ask Mas Yoyo, who apparently wasn’t interested to try the experience and decided to just watch us from the cafeteria, to capture or record a video of my first-time body-flying. But you can check this video out for a little sneak peek of the experience. All I can say is that the experience was super awesome! It’s very fun and thrilling, really felt like doing the real sky-diving or bungee-jumping. I really enjoyed it that I went to try the experience three times. The Sasonos were enjoying it too—little Dru even went for the third times. After that, Shamir gave us certificates for our first-time experience (also special offer for return flights) . We’re officially certified body-flying beginners!


Body-Flying Requirements

For the physical criteria, you have to:

- Be at least 7 years old

- Weigh under 120 kilograms

- Not having neck/shoulder/back injury and history of heart problems

- Not being pregnant

- Not wearing plaster cast

Note that it's even possible for those with disabilities to try the experience (just consult it to the staffs first)!

Would you dare yourself to try the indoor skydiving experience?

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