The Face Oils That Improved My Skin

The Face Oils That Improved My Skin

After elevating my skincare routine with the oils…

Getting older, I realized that I should've started to do more for my skin. I've been seeing face oils like Farsali, Josie Maran, and Trilogy getting the hype, and I was really curious about it. Months ago, I browsed around the internet about face oils, the benefits, and the possibility of such oils to work on combination skin like mine. Then I decided to dip my toes into the face oil craze.

Upon deciding which one to purchase, I found some great facial oils while comparing affordable high-rated face oils on the internet. Most of them are coming from some big brands, but there are also some local-made. It’s been months since I first used face oil and there are so many good things happening on my skin up until now. Here are the face oils that have improved my skin—and maybe can help yours too—and my thoughts on them.

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Tarte Maracuja Oil

This is my first face oil ever. The full size is originally priced at over Rp 600k, but the travel size is rather affordable. Mine is a secondhand, bought via Carousell from a trusted seller who seemed quite hygienic with her preloved beauty products.

What I love:

- The effect... so moisturizing! I usually use it before applying makeup in the morning and after cleansing at night. The oil always make my face glows naturally and make my makeup looks dewy on my very dry skin.

- The packaging… for its cuteness. With a gold cap like that, the packaging looks so elegant too. Also, it’s made from thick glass and complete with a dropper, so you can use the product hygienically.

What I hate:

- The smell… which is like a fishy cooking oil and noticeably sucks. Actually this is the reason why I hate organic skincare products. But knowing the positive effect, for me it’s just fine.

- The price… although it’s a full size, but Rp 600k for a face oil? Come on. There are a sea of affordable local face oils out there that are equally good. Absolutely won’t repurchase despite the goodness.

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Organic Supply Co Rosehip Oil

Organic Supply Co is the first organic essential oils and ingredients retail company in Indonesia. Found myself ordering this to see if it could be a much affordable substitute for the Tarte Maracuja Oil.

What I love:

- The effect… because I think my skin really loves the oil since it always looks so healthy whenever I use the oil. It makes my makeup stays longer and controls excess oil. Definitely a keeper!

- The packaging… which is not travel-friendly since it’s a dark elixir-like thick glass bottle. But I love how the dropper lets me control the amount of product I wanna use.

- The price… Rp 140k is surely affordable for a 20-ml full size. Enough for approximately three months' daily usage. Just around 3-4 drops for the face and neck.

- The texture… is basically like fish oil, with that ugly yellowish color. But it unexpectedly absorbs instantly!

What I hate:

- The smell… which is the worst. I used to avoid applying the product around the tip of my nose, just because I really hate the smell! But, after weeks of usage, I'm kind of getting used to it. But, would I repurchase? YES!

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Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Bought this just to see what’s the hype with the Trilogy face oils (and also because it was at a discount price when I found it in a drugstore in Melbourne). Another high-end brand like Tarte, but thanks to the discount, I purchased this with a rather affordable price.

What I love:

- The effect… I’m so into the healthy glow it gives to my skin. At first it’s kinda tricky for me to use it, because at times it makes my face drier instead. But after some trials and errors, this oil has become one of my holy grails for facial skincare. It also heals redness, zits, and acne scars. and hyper-pigmentation. It’s a great anti-aging product.

- The packaging… well, always love any oil products with dropper. Also, the overall packaging looks fancy-schmancy.

What I hate:

- The smell… again, since it’s an organic product (meaning no preservatives and fragrance), it smells like fish oils. But I don’t really mind. Maybe because I’ve been using several face oils like this, so my nose somehow becomes more familiar to the foul smell.

- The application… like I said before, it’s not that easy. I have to try some ways to apply it correctly so that it won’t dry up my skin, adding more dry patches, or clog my pores.

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Wardah Pure Olive Oil

I don’t remember exactly why I decided to purchase this, but I think it’s because I read a good review about its usage as a makeup remover. The product won’t definitely break the bank since it’s just around Rp 20k. Again, I use this as a cleansing oil, not as something to moisturize my skin.

What I love:

- The effect… which is clean and moisturizing. It does remove my makeup well—even the water-proof ones! It’s also very gentle to the skin and it cleans my face without stripping off the skin. This oil is my go-to cleanser whenever my skin goes awry with dry patches and else.

- The packaging… for its travel-friendly bottle. It’s slim and easily fit in any makeup bags. Also, the bottle design is cute.

- The smell… that’s so subtle but relaxing.

What I hate:

- The application… because apparently to really clean the face, you’ll probably need a lot if you use the cotton pads. For me, the best way to use the oil to remove makeup is by putting a little amount onto your hand, then rubbing it to the face. Remove all using cotton pads and light toner.

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Do you have any favorite face oils?

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