What to Pack for Your Long-Haul Flight

What to Pack for Your Long-Haul Flight

All the essentials…

Every time I hear "long haul flight", I always flinch. I mean, I love traveling (I even love long layovers) and I'm lucky that I get to travel a lot so far. But long haul travel — particularly thousands of feet up in the air... nope. My list of hate includes limited space to move around, long uncomfortable sit, stale breath, jet-lag, lame food, and looking like shit. I've even traveled on a bus for 48 hours and flying's still the worst. However, there's one thing that I've found very helpful: preparing and packing the essentials. This post contains all the things that I always take with me in my cabin bag and are proven to be the must-bring items for long haul flights. So take notes and fly as humanly as possible.

How to Pack Your Long-Haul Cabin Bag

Documents. Let’s start from the boring bits. You’ll need your passport, boarding passes, itinerary, travel insurance, and any additional travel documents close to you or at least easy to get. It’ll be best to put them all in a separated small bag or pouch, or a plastic folder that can be stored in the top of the bag. I’d suggest having a hard copy of your travel documents with you to save you from crappy machine errors. And bring your own pen to avoid getting in long queue at arrival.

Beauty and toiletries. For the latter, I always refer to the basics: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hand-sanitizer, pads, eye drops, breath mints, small towel, and tissues (wet and dry). Then for the beauty part, this is where things can get a little out of hand. Even so, it’s actually all about moisture. A moisturizing facial cream and a lip balm are out of question, while I also love my little Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme to hydrate my hands and ankles whenever I feel ‘em dry. For the face, having a micellar water to freshen up and a sheet mask (I love the K-Beauty masks!) to add more moisture is also a “yes please”.

Entertainment. In most cases, any in-flight entertainment is just fine by me. But my list of essentials for this section would absolutely include my Samsung tablet (since I have many e-books on my Google Play Books and every single Friends episode downloaded there) and my ever reliable EarPods. Well, you can always opt for a more comfortable earpieces (like these Marshall ones). If you love games, portable gaming devices would be a great time killer. And if you’re a light packer like me, I’d suggest leaving the laptop at home and opt for smaller screens like tablets or — well, your smartphone. Don’t forget to pack the cables and charger for every electronic device you bring in your cabin bag!

Comforts. I always hate pillows provided by airlines, so a neck pillow is a must for me. However, amenity kits from airlines can come in pretty handy (I love my Garuda Indonesia kit, which comes with an eye mask, some ear plugs, and a pair of socks). I usually also pack some extra clothing, like t-shirt, legging, and scarf (while keeping in mind to dress warm since I get cold easily) just in case I need them.

Other necessities. This category includes the necessary medication (mine would be some paracetamols, vitamin c, band-aids, and pain relief patches), a water bottle (hydration issa must), and some snacks. You know that in-flight food is generally "blah”, so having your favorite snacks would be a HUGE help for your appetite (trust me, you’ll thank me later). I love chips or any savory snacks, but if you love something sweet, I’d suggest packing some chocolate bars (SNICKERS FO’ LYFE). And, oh, I’d suggest avoiding any booze offered. Just stick to mineral water, please.

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