JournalRuth Vania Christine

January: Netflix & A Secret Project

JournalRuth Vania Christine
January: Netflix & A Secret Project

Life Lately

It’s probably too late to talk about my New Year’s, so I won’t bore you on the boring details (because my New Year’s was indeed boring). The only thing that made my first days in 2019 a little better was the family gatherings in my house. I know, I’m actually not a really fan of family gatherings but I think it’s just different if you have it in your own house. Not to mention that I love the festive and delicious food.

Aaand, I decided to be back on journaling. Yes, I used to write journals but didn’t really make it last long. After hearing suggestions from my favorite YouTubers, Aileen and Rowena, to make journaling as a new habit, I finally jumped back on it. I used to write journals according to certain themes or topics, which I got from some Pinterest challenges. But as time went by, I often found myself slacking. So this time I want to make it easier: at least write something. And keep the creativity flame burning.

I have this secret project that I’ve been wanting to do. But up until now, I’m still reluctant to pursue it because for me it’s seemed freaking impossible. I’m curious though… It’s a YouTube project — kind of an extent to this blog. I was hoping the platform can be another therapy for me, also another place to grow, learn, and be creative. I already worked on the bits and bobs this month but I still don’t know how to enjoy being in front of the camera since I’m very shy and socially-awkward. However, I want to do more research first on how to technically do this. I’ve already know what I want and I hope I can overcome my doubts and reluctance soon.

When I looked back into my January journal prompts (and yes, I did this Life Lately part while reviewing my journal), I was glad that I spent the month productively. And mostly in positive mood too! Being busy is always a good thing for me, I guess. I found that what kept me happy and positive most of the time was anything related to my favorite things. Be it seeing new leaves on my houseplants, discovering a great playlist, finding a topic to talk about on my blog, learning something new from my favorite YouTubers, purchasing a new aromatic candle, decorating my room to be more Pinterest-esque, and even coming home to my bright, clean bedroom. So here’s the lesson I learnt: to keep on being productive, I have to include my favorite things into my daily routine — listening to a great playlist while working, for example. Being happy and productive also made me feeling very creative and open-minded. I really love this positive self of mine!


Things I’ve Watched

I was finally back on Netflix — thanks to my boring New Year’s week — and updated myself with popular things to watch recently. Started out with Sierra Burgess is A Loser since I really curious about Noah Centineo but refused to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved before reading the book. A bit hesitated at first to watch 13 Reasons Why since I also want to read the book first (and was afraid I still couldn’t get over my suicidal thinking that I got from the previous phase of my life). And curiosity also brought me to The Princess Switch, with Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical as the lead character. Couldn’t help but admiring Sam Palladio (men with accents are my weakness).

The rest of the month was spent by catching up with my recent favorite show, Madam Secretary. By the time this post finds you, I’m probably done with the third season. So far it’s still my favorite politics-themed show ever. Love the less-drama-more-issues kind of story! Oh, I also binged the first three episodes of The Good Place and didn’t really enjoy it. The show has great reviews but I think it’s just not for me. Kristen Bell is a funny person and I love her for that. However, the show involves too much fantasy which I often found really annoying in TV comedies.

This year I started to digging out documentaries. Nat Geo’s documentary commemorating the webs 50th birthday, Inside The Internet: 50 Years of Life Online, is really mind-opening. Born in the 1990s, I grew up as technology and the internet world developing. Got some great documentaries on Netflix too (seems like re-subscribing is the right thing to do for me, eh?) but so far they ended up still bookmarked on my to-watch list. Gotta catch up with them soon…

Things I’ve Listened To

It seemed like January didn’t give me the mood to catch up with my favorite podcasts. Truth be told, I couldn’t stop playing my December, January playlist as it really caught up my mood this month. And talk about the playlist, I made some great discoveries while making the playlist. Some of the albums that I turned out love are Mad About Town by Mayer Hawthorne, Drive Slow by Mac Ayres, Warm on A Cold Night by Honne, and Swimming by Mac Miller (check out the playlist here for more recommendations!). However, I’ve moved out to Apple Music and it’s been weeks now. So far Apple Music’s great, but I’m keeping my Spotify account so that I still have access to the playlists.

Things I’ve Read

To be honest, I already f*cked up with one of my new year goals to read at least one book per month. Yes, still got no time to enjoy a good reading. On the other hand, I read a lot online this month. Found some worth-to-read articles that made me kinda digging this online-reading thing: healthy skin advice from my all-time favorite model, a review on the best-selling L’Oreal serum, concerns on young girls’ hesitance on smear tests by one of my favorite novelists, best moisturizing body washes I want to try, some inspirations for life-improving habits, how being rich becomes the most effective skincare trick, helpful explanation on baking soda hair treatment, the new Anne Hathaway’s movie that I want to watch soon, and another one from Zac Efron. By the way, I really gotta catch up with my reading goals as soon as possible.


Things I’ve Purchased

Safi Age Defy Gold Water Essence. Finally got into the gold water hype with this highly-raved essence from a Malaysian beauty brand. And my skin has never been better without it ever since.

IKEA Stillsamt Quilt Cover and Pillowcase. I had been meaning to have another quilt cover for my Tilkört duvet and thanks to the holiday season sale, I finally got one for a very good price. I love the triangular pattern and the light turquoise color because it really matches the overlook of my bedding.

Lemonilo Mie Goreng Instan Alami (Rasa Mie Goreng). Bought this just out of curiosity (and partly because I’m an avid instant noodle eater), turned out it’s really good! Definitely a healthy alternative to my love for instant noodles.

Zara Home White Jasmine Aromatic Candle. This is my first Zara Home candle and white jasmine is the one that I’d been meaning to try. The smell’s SO HEAVENLY.

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