My All Time Favorite Musical Movies to Watch

My All Time Favorite Musical Movies to Watch

There's nothing more fun and epic than a great musical movie!

Fun sing-a-longs, epic duets, solid dance numbers, people bursting into song and dancing in the middle of the street to express their feelings. These are a few of my favorite things... Ha! You sing, you lose, baby. Anyways, yes, nothing has ever made me feel as warm and good as a musical (not even a rom-com). I've always been downright sappy with a good musical. Musicals are fun to watch as they inspire you to feel, sing, and dance. In today's post, I want to share you some of my ultimate favorite musical movies — most of them I grew up loving. So, get your remotes ready, folks...


The Sound of Music (1965)

I live by the soundtracks and the hills in my heart are alive with The Sound of Music. There won't be enough words to explain how much I love the movie. It's beautiful, it's great, it's everything. Watching it is such an experience. All the things I found in the movie are real and solid: the romance, the humor, the musical numbers, the scenery... everything. I really think nothing beats this timeless classic. And no one scores like Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in any musicals. I’m totally a big fan!

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Grease (1978)

This one's also a true classic! I've loved this movie since junior high and when Glee made a tribute episode for the movie, I relived the wonderful experience and watched the original movie again and again. I mean, I even know every song AND the dance numbers in this movie. My most favorite are We Go Together, Summer Nights, You're the One That I Want, and Hand Jive. Also, Hopelessly Devoted to You is a great sing-a-long tune. The movie's hands down one of the must-watch musicals out there!

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Chicago (2002)

When everybody else says Chicago is lame, this musical somehow makes its way to be one of my faves. Despite the kinda boring story, the dances and songs are inspiring. My ultimate favorites are All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango. They're really worth appreciation that Glee even remade the performances on one of its episodes. This is probably the first dark, burlesque-y musical film I've ever watched.

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The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Dorothy, her odd friends, and Over the Rainbow are just a few things that make the film somewhat magical and wonderful for me. And I'll never get tired of its musical score — We're Off to See the Wizard, Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead... you name it. They just brighten the whole story up. This is a film that is very enjoyable for people of all ages and definitely something that stays around forever.

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Across the Universe (2007)

To be honest, this film is plot-wise a mess. At one point, it's poorly written and felt a bit awkward. But the whole experience is incredible and really pulling me into it. Think about it as a masterpiece of audiovisual from the director's artistic mind. Almost all the numbers and performances are fresh and breathtaking. I've loved Jim Sturgess since his appearance on One Day (2011). This is definitely a must-see film, especially for Beatles fans out there.

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Petualangan Sherina (2000)

Well, if you're Indonesian and born or grew up in the 90s, this surely will bring back childhood memories. Petualangan Sherina was the first movie I ever watched in the cinema and I was still a kid when Mom brought me. It's a family movie starring Sherina Munaf, a child-singer-turned-pop-star whose songs I loved back then. I literally grew up loving the musical numbers — it’s iconic and unforgettable. The movie's so fun that I think any kids should watch it.

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Do you have any favorite musicals?

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