December: 2018 Wrap Up & Favorite Christmas Playlist

December: 2018 Wrap Up & Favorite Christmas Playlist

It’s my favorite month of the year! Finally it’s time to officially play the Christmas playlist on repeat. And I couldn’t believe that we’re already at the end of another year! Finally I’m able to leave the shitty 2018 in peace and move on with new things await in 2019.


Life I’ve Had

If you’re following my journal, you’d probably know that December was a hectic month for me — pretty much because of the Sunday School Christmas at my church and the endless Christmas family-visiting. It’s so hectic that it felt like it’s been the longest month ever. But this Christmas was a bit low key. My family didn’t bother putting up the tree and decorations (my brother ended up doing all the work just before Christmas Eve). We didn’t do presents (but I still took the occasion as an excuse to buy myself gifts). However, we went out for mall-hopping and dinner for a couple of times like we always do.

My early December was spent mostly at church, while after 15th I was mostly on my bed or desk: writing for the blog and finding inspirations. Well, I wasn’t writing that much for By Ruthie this month, but I was just grateful for what happened to my blog lately and I felt psyched for the future. Although I’ve got a fairly long break from writing at nearly the end of the December (the posts that I uploaded around that time were scheduled), I spent my time working on some behind-the-scenes stuff on my blog. From planning future contents, reformatting old posts, to browsing even better blog design and layout. Mostly based on these posts I’ve made here and here.

As for my birthday, I hate to be like this, but since I hit the legal age, birthdays haven’t been as excited as before. It’s still a big milestone that I’m thankful of — don’t get me wrong. I just miss the festive and excitement. Well, birthdays are kinda low key for my family as my parents have no interest in cakes, surprises, and presents. However, we’re always in for dinners and that was it. This year I’ve no intention to make it any special, so I decided to keep it low to just my family and close friends. It actually made me feel better (though I ended up feeling all sentimental and crying the whole night). But I bought myself new houseplants as a birthday gift! Now I have an indoor palm, another aglonema, and two pots of pothos! As a houseplant lover, I’m so happy with my plant collection right now and so excited to have a great growing journey with them!


Things I’ve Watched

I finally watched Aquaman, which become the first DC movie I watch this year. Hate the cringey dialogues and plot, but overall love the great visuals. And it’s so satisfying to see Jason Momoa back on screen, after missing him so much on ‘Game of Thrones’. Also, damn, Nicole Kidman is ageless! I actually didn’t watch that much this month (not even Home Alone) since my days were pretty preoccupied with other things. But the cable TV provider my family subscribed to gave us free access to prepaid channels like HBO, Cinemaxx, Fox Movies, etc (our subscription doesn’t include those channels). So whenever I wasn’t in front of my laptop or in the malls, I was surely in front of the TV watching box-office movies from the channels with my brother.

Things I’ve Listened To

Nothing new for this part, since I only listen to my Christmas playlist I’ve had for the recent years on repeat. But I feel like I’ve had enough Michael Buble, Glee, and Pentatonix, so for this year I opted for some more easy-listening and chill Christmas songs. My faves so far are Earth Wind & Fire, Tony Bennett, and She & Him. So if you’re looking for some different kind of Christmas music, you should definitely start listening to them! Oh, I almost forget that John Legend just released an album called ‘A Legendary Christmas’ this year and I love it! I also have another playlist dedicated to the rather cold months of December and January here. It’s the perfect jukebox for the rainy season, warm blanket, scented candles, a cup of hot chocolate, and books.

Things to Check Out

To wrap up the year, I’ve already made a reflection on 2018 here. I also made a kind of birthday letter to myself, scribbling all the things that I’ve learnt for the past 25 years of my life here. It’s a kind of wake-up-call post to prepare myself for another year of journey and challenges, quite sentimental but I like writing it. As I mentioned before, I made myself to join a blog challenge by Blogger Perempuan Network from Nov 20 to Dec 19, and failed to ace it. But there are pretty good things that I shared for the challenge! Like the healthy habits I’ve been loving, a new travel wish-list, my zodiac traits, an ultimate Follow Friday list, an ode to blogwalking, a few new year goals, my current favorite YouTube channels, a dance-y playlist, a day-off recommendation, some thoughts on failed new year goals, my favorite beauty products in 2018, tips to ace online holiday season sale, an insight of what to do in blogging next year, and an unforgettable travel experience. So please make sure that you’ve checked them all and don’t miss other episodes of the dish here!


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