April: Getting Inked & Kopi Tuku To-Go

April: Getting Inked & Kopi Tuku To-Go

Life I’ve Had

First-time being inked! After years of contemplating, I’ve finally got it done. To be honest, there are so many things that I want to put on my skin but I ended up with a “live” with a semicolon replacing the “i”. I’ve been wanting to get something that will remind me to continue living and I love the result so much. It’s a semi-permanent (only last for three years at maximum) and I probably will get another one permanent.

Nonstop binge-watching. My work-load this month was quite challenging than before and it quite took me away from my regular routine. So I happened to run to Netflix a lot for instant entertainment (I have the app handy on my phone). And that explains why I’d been binge-watching so much this month. It’s just so unfortunate that there’s no Game of Thrones on Netflix *crossing fingers*

Too much coffee. Of course an increasing work-load wouldn’t go well with Game of Thrones late-nights and so that explains my increasing crave for coffee (usually any kind of lattes). Seemed like this month I quickly became a regular at Kopi Tuku (with two kopi susu tetangga to-go) and Farmers Market (with two bottles of Kopi Papi’s matcha latte or hazelnut latte or flat white). Maybe later I’ll invest on a cold drink tumbler and made my own coffee-to-go (or just have my favorite lattes at Starbucks once in a while, hehe).

Unbalanced life. While I was having a great time to be busy and engaged in many activities, I also felt the urge to get my life together. So far I’ve been ditching weekly exercises, books (!), cleaning & organizing, and even my daily night routine. My room had been a freaking big mess and I don’t know… I guess I just feel like I always don’t have the energy to do the cleaning & organizing anymore.


Things I’ve Watched

I watched less movies this time, simply because Netflix has an overwhelming collection that I feel intimidated to just pick one of them. I was still binging on Brooklyn 99 (and crazily shipping for Jake & Amy), Designated Survivor (my new favorite political drama series!), and Jane the Virgin (still on #TeamMichael). As you probably knew, the season finale of Game of Thrones was finally on-screen and you know how exciting it is for me but, I’m sorry, the first two episodes suck. Like, when I watched them, I was literally cringing and at the end screamed “WAS THAT GAME OF THRONES? TF HAPPENED?”. Still waiting for the writers to really come up with something really great. Soon, I hope.

Things I’ve Listened To

I know it’s late, but 7 Rings by Ariana Grande was my jam for the whole month. I think the single’s my most favorite from her so far. And I don’t know if I was late to know this just this month too but I was happy that Beyonce’s Lemonade was finally on Apple Music! I know many of her songs are gonna be my new main jam so just wait for my most listened list next month. I just found out that one of my favorite online influencers, Reza Chandika, and his funny friends launched a comedy podcast, Rapot, this March and I’ve been a loyal listener ever since. The hosts are freaking hilarious, the topics are always amusing… the podcast is too funny for words. I always have a good time listening to Rapot.


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