25 Things I've Learnt at 25

25 Things I've Learnt at 25

Thank you 25, next 26…

For a Sagittarian like me, December is always a special month. I think it's one of the perks of having a birthday at the end of the year. Truthfully speaking, the younger me used to hate it because my birthday's often mixed up with Christmas and new year. So instead of getting a gift for each occasion, I just get one gift for all or no gift at all. But now since the older me don't really care about gifts or celebrations (partly kidding, I obviously love gifts, guys), turning a year older at the end of the year becomes such a great thing for me. Because it gives me the chance to look back and really reflect on what I've learnt and how the past year has been.

This year I'm officially hitting 26, so I decided to share the 25 things that I've learnt for the past 25 years of my life. Despite the fact that these are just a few, they’ve come from the hardships I’ve faced on this journey. I’m just grateful for each one of them and I hope you’ll find them inspiring as you go on and be happy. As for me, ready or not, here comes 26 and other new things to learn…


Think out of the box, live out of the comfort zone.

Fear is always better than regret. There’s no point in being afraid.

It's never too late to pursue anything that I love.

There's no right/wrong or best/worst option. So just choose.

It's not up to anyone else to choose what I can and cannot do.

Everyone has their own schedule and their own pace.

There will always be someone better than me and that's okay.

Stop comparing my failures with others' successes. See how pointless that is?

Leave the toxic. Just shoo, breathe, and let go.

Get over yourself. Don't get too attached on everything.

Forgive and move on. The world owes you nothing, just go on.

Friendship is quality over quantity.


Positive mindset brings in positive things. Positive things always comes from positive mindset.

Always be kind and understanding. I barely know anyone’s stories.

Appreciate anyone and be grateful.

Self-care is everything.

Love and accept myself: those are the main keys. You is great, you is beautiful...

I am my own best friend, nobody else can be. So I have to listen and trust myself.

Change is the only constant in life, so embrace it.

Everything happens for a reason. And in God it’s always the most beautiful reason.

There will be a way, there's nothing impossible.

Keep running because a winner don't quit on themselves. I ain't gonna lose.

If you want it, go get it.

Done is better than perfect. So stop dreaming and start doing.

It's always up to The Man above. Aim high, work hard, but leave everything to God.


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