Why You Should Book Ticket to Coldplay Concert

Why You Should Book Ticket to Coldplay Concert

To be honest, I'm not really a concert go-er. Yes, I love listening to the music and when I say "music", I mean any kinds of music. As long as it makes my body moves, chills, or gets goosebumps, then it's pretty good. But when it comes to concerts or live musics, I tend to be very picky. A music concert to me is a place or a moment to have fun. Where I can dance like no one's looking or sing like no one's even listening. So I only go to concerts or live performances that are guaranteed can give that kind of fun.

The only bands or music groups that I've loved in my life and been dying to see performing live are My Chemical Romance and Coldplay. I've passed the chance to see My Chemical Romance performing live in Jakarta (I was still in junior high back then). I thought I'll never get to see Coldplay because it's impossible for the band to pick Indonesia as part of their live performance tour destination. Well, the "I'll never get to see Coldplay" part turns out wrong.

My experience joining the Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams live concert in Bangkok, Thailand, is unforgettable. And if you probably not a really big fan of the band, but able to spill out some of their songs (everyone must be familiar with Fix You, Yellow, or at least Viva La Vida, right?), you should've try to experience their live performance too. Here's why you should never hesitate to book a ticket to Coldplay's concert...

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Why You Should Book Ticket to Coldplay Concert

Entertaining live performance

Yes, Chris Martin and the band REALLY know how to perform and entertain. I mean, their songs are already beautiful and inspiring, but the way they performs them on stage makes the songs even more meaningful. Not to mention that being an idolized band for so many years, Coldplay definitely has an arsenal of crowd-pleasing songs under its belt. Well, who doesn't love Fix You or Sky Full of Stars?

Outstanding visual show

The first thing that made me instantly fall in love with every live performance of Coldplay is always the visual show. The lighting makes the place look like a piece of magic art! I think the lighting really make a great deal for the whole performance, creating a spectacular ambiance. Every element of the show, from the vibrant neon lights by the LED bracelets the audience put on their wrists, to the video graphics on the stage, makes everything wonderful.

Mind-blowing special effects

Pyrotechnics, confetti, inflatable giant balls, laser beams... these are just some of the surprising special effects that had successfully mind-blown me at the Coldplay concert. They weren't brought up for nothing—they rose up the ambiance even more.  And everything is curated thoughtfully: it's Sky Full of Stars and star-shaped confetti rained down right in the middle of the interlude, followed after a firework shot.


Inspiring messages

The music and the deeply meaningful lyrics are the things that always remind me why I love Coldplay in the first place. It's not always just about love and relationship, but also about self-positivity, being compassionate to others, and even environmental awareness.

These things were also brought up to the stage—making the concert wasn't just about entertaining fans, but also leaving impression. Whether it was through the tribute video of Muhammad Ali played in the middle of the performance, or the solo piano-playing performance of Everglow by Chris Martin, or his rendition of Heroes, my favorite David Bowie's song.


Far before the mass-singing and dancing moment, the audience was just a bunch of people who were eager to see Coldplay performing live. We excitedly lined for snaking long queues, did groupie running for a closer standing position to the stage, agreed to sit en masse after waiting hours for the concert to start, shared snacks and drinks (even stories!)... long story short, the strangers then become like an instant-family.

And the minute Chris Martin sang the first note, all of our excitement and joy united. We sang, we danced, we laughed, we cried, and we screamed together. We were all bedazzled by the whole performance. It's like we just clicked.

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