Big Bad Wolf 2017 Book Haul / Reading List

New year, new book haul...

So apparently Big Bad Wolf book sale is back to Jakarta—well, Tangerang, to be sure. And hence I'm back too, getting another pile of books at good prices! I must say a lot of changes happened on this second Big Bad Wolf book sale—please check out this blog post for a better comparison to the first Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta on the previous year. It's because of this year's sale is gonna go bigger with extensive genres and local books in Bahasa Indonesia were added into the bargain. And, IT'S NOW OPEN NONSTOP FOR 24 HOURS! Hence, more books and time to discover!


Also, Big Bad Wolf is now providing refreshment stalls inside its venue and even a children playground! In my opinion, for the committees to put a playground in the Big Bad Wolf venue is rather necessary, since almost half or more of the books on sale are children books. So I think it's just very thoughtful to add some kind of entertainment for the kids while their parents browsing some books for them. And as what I complained for the previous Big Bad Wolf book sale, finding some drink stalls and food trucks in this year's book sale are such a great relieve.

But, the rest is pretty much just the same as the previous Big Bad Wolf book sale: books are predominately in English and everything is at a great discount. ALSO—and this is just the same grumble I had for the last book sale—LONG CASHIER LINES. Like, ugh, I even get stuck in line longer this time: TWO freaking HOURS! I think it's because Big Bad Wolf now become widely known, so even more people are interested to visit the book sale. Fortunately, this year's book sale accept payments with cards (Mandiri cardholders can access fast track checkout lanes).

Anyways, since I should've talked more about the book haul, let's just start to take a look at it. I got five books from this year's book sale, and unlike the previous one, no classics this time. In fact, my book-hunting for this book sale is pretty much successful, I must say. It's because most of the books that I got are the ones that have been on my latest bucket list. So I'm really proud of myself right now *wink wink*. And without further ado, let's jump right to the book haul...


Fifty Shades Series, E.L. James

If you follow my Goodreads account (and by all means please do that), then you know that I'm a sucker for this series. That leads to a disclaimer: I'm not a BDSM maniac for whatever's sake. The topic is still kind of taboo for me, but hey I'm all open to anything when it comes to reading. It's the characters and the plot that makes me curious about the whole story. Anyways, I want to tell you the behind story of getting the series at the book sale.

I actually have read the e-book version of the first two books (the Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker). I was going to read the third e-book when I stumbled upon the series in the fiction romance area at the Big Bad Wolf book sale. It's a complete bundle—with all the three books of the Fifty Shades series—and it's just ONE left. So I grabbed it as fast as I can and threw it into my shopping cart.

I've been wanting to have the paperback version of the series but always hesitated to buy it at the bookstore just because I couldn't stand any judging look if I hold the book and bring it to the cashier to purchase it. Well, the series has been widely known thanks to the controversial BDSM theme. But the thought apparently just vanished when I found the complete series at the Big Bad Wolf book sale. So, should it be a "yay what a catch" or "shame on me"?

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

This book is one of the Goodreads Choice Award 2013 nominees for fiction and has been highly rated as one of the best romance novels. So good that Sony Pictures decided to turn the story into a film, which is coming soon in cinemas on May 10, 2019. The book also has been on my recent must-buy list. And you know I'm not a fan of watching movie adaptations before reading the original story. Therefore I'm really happy to be able to get this at the book sale! Not to mention that it's only priced at Rp 40k... what a deal!

Beautiful Creatures, Gracia Stohl

My fellow book lovers have recommended me the Beautiful Creatures series many times! I think it's because they know that I enjoy reading the Divergent and Hunger Games series. But I hadn't got any urgent feeling to own or read one of the books until I found one at the book sale. It was kinda out of luck though for not being able to find the complete bundle—the book one's the only one available. I decided to just throw it in the cart so I can read the first book and later decide whether I should buy the rest of the series or not. However, still I'm happy to have it.

P.S. This year's Big Bad Wolf Jakarta Book Sale is opened for business from April 21 to May 2, 2017. Y'all book-hunters better don't miss it!


What do you think of this year's Big Bad Wolf Book Sale?

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