My Go-To Podcasts When I Have to Get Busy

My Go-To Podcasts When I Have to Get Busy

...too busy to sing along to my favorite working songs


To be honest, podcast isn't really something that I prefer to listen to because I'm more a music girl. But when I'm getting ready in the morning, being all busy to gussy up for work, I need to listen to something that can make me focus. I love listening to upbeat songs because it can boost up my mood to start the day, but lately it kind of makes me a little bit distracted. And by that I mean all those unproductive seconds when I'm really into the songs and started singing along instead of getting busy. So podcasts become my go-to.

So far, listening to podcasts has changed my whole morning routine. Living a busy life has left me little time to spare and enjoy things like watching TV or reading books, which are my ultimate source of food for thoughts. But with podcasts, I can totally listen to something useful, while getting ready to hustle, driving to work, or doing house chores. Listening to podcasts become my ultimate trick to be focused while multitasking. I have filled my Spotify Podcast following feed with podcasts on ranging topics from entertainment, self-improvement, to general knowledge. And these are some of them...


The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde

I've enjoyed reading Estée Lalonde blog, now I can't get enough of her podcast. The Heart of It is produced in a way that can really please the sense and mind. I like how Estée talks on interesting topics such as makeup, feminism, and, my latest favorite: 'Travel'! This podcast is just so much soul and beautifully made that I always feel lighter, positive, and inspired after listening to it. I must say, Estée really knows what to do! I also love how she picks her guests, who are always so inspiring, and how she talks deep to them about their experiences regarding to the topic.

The Read

This podcast is a real cracking deal. Two bloggers and best friends Kid Fury and Crissle West here are real and unapologetic about things, from Katie Couric to Blue Ivy. I found The Read when I was just randomly looking for a good podcast from the Comedy section. Turns out it's just everything. My favorite is the part when they responds to listener questions. It's super insightful, but still funny.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

I was brought to this podcast by Chris Pratt's Instagram account (duh) and I couldn't believe it took me so long to discover it. Every episode of Anna Faris is Unqualified is just hilarious. Anna is really my favorite funny girl, with her sweet and sometimes awkward self. She always makes any conversations with her famous guests extraordinary and engaging. While she claims that she's unqualified, I always love her genuine advice.

In the Shower with Taz and Marcus

Taz Kelleher and Marcus O'Laoire are some critical couple to question any random things, but also here to answer them. Every Monday, In the Shower tackles the mystery behind silly questions like "why do we yawn?" or "which armrest is yours in the cinema?" and brought all the facts to listeners. Although most answers rely on scientific explanations, this podcast never bore me and even makes me to become more fascinated. It's a brilliant 15-minute podcast aimed to be listened while you shower (it even reminds you when is the time to undress and wash your behind).

I Hate My Boss

This podcast is full of work-related banter that I really enjoyed listening to. As a worker, I just can't get enough of Liz Dolan and Larry Seal throwing all the work problems on the table and invite listeners to laugh about it. Such a great entertainment for me, especially after facing day-to-day workplace dramas! And as if it doesn't enough, I Hate My Boss also provides useful insight and advice about work-related issues.

If I Were You

If I were Jake Hurwitz or Amir Blumenfeld, I must be a genius in making everyone laugh their problems off. If you're looking for some explicit humor by some guys who keep s#!t real, If I Were You is hands down the one. This podcast mostly talks about random situations or problems and the guys sort of offer their humor-based advice. It's so relevant and spontaneous that it's hard not to crack up.

Scandalous Beauty

I just can't believe that this podcast doesn't really get enough praise. Listening to Scandalous Beauty is simply like listening to a beauty vlog. And I love it! That's down to the beauty blogger Erin Baynham who do a great job of giving beauty reviews. I like how she even reviews her empties, talk about favorites from some certain brands, and gives recommendations on beauty steal products. And it features interviews with top artists and influencers in the industry, which is also worth listening to!

The Complete Guide to Everything

So far on my list, have you noticed that I'm a sucker for comedy-oriented podcasts? Because this podcast ALSO satisfies my need to laugh the stress off. But I've also got to give The Complete Guide to Everything props for being sort of an informative production. Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds may not sound like they're sober, but trust me these guys aren't just bullshitting around. It even covers the banal random stuffs like fan theories, how to disappear, sandwiches, OJ Simpson trial, or Tom Hanks!


Do you also listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?

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