How to Survive Big Bad Wolf and Make the Most of It

How to Survive Big Bad Wolf and Make the Most of It

It's getting close to the end of March and for the third times, Big Bad Wolf book sale is going to be back in Indonesia! I've been dying for the opening day to come and trying to spend less on things just to save more money for books (I know, what a nerd).

And may I remind you, the Big Bad Wolf 2018 Jakarta will be held in Tangerang again, at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, on March 29 - April 9, 2018. It's gonna be as big and awesome as before: offers 60% to 80% discounts and opens nonstop for 280 hours.

Credit:  Heriyanto

Credit: Heriyanto

For y'all who are still confused with everything, asking "the heck is Big Bad Wolf?"... Big Bad Wolf is practically a big book fair, prides itself on huge reductions for high-quality imported books. In Indonesia, the Big Bad Wolf offers even more: books in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and—just this year—Chinese. So for all book lovers out there, trust me, you really have to control yourself harder this year because the book sale would be really promising.

That's to say you will need some tips on how to prepare yourself (or simply to handle yourself, LOL) for a Big Bad Wolf book-shopping experience. Having experienced in book-hunting at Big Bad Wolf on two consecutive years, I feel that I've now really got the book sale craze under my belt. So here are my top tips on surviving and making the most out of Big Bad Wolf book sale...


Tips for Making the Most of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

List down any titles you’ve been wanting to read. Like, any title from any genre. Yes, this is likely the biggest book sale event in Indonesia, so it would be a great chance to get the books you've been dying to have without any hesitation. Another tip: when you're listing down the titles, focus on the genre you like so you won't waste your time browsing piles of books only for the list.

Set your budget. Be ready to face piles of books with crazy discounts. You may have your own list of books you really want to buy, but, seriously, you don't know what other books you might find there and how they would affect your decision to take more money from your wallet. Therefore it's important to set your budget and control your expense.

Wear comfortable shoes and outfit. It's a big event held in a huge place, so there would be much walking. Also, browsing for books means so much standing and carrying books. Don't make all the things you wear bother you. Oh, the place is fully air-conditioned and despite being full of people at times, it's still quite cold that you might want to wear something warm.

Bring your backpack, suitcase, travel bag, or shopping cart. Planning to buy more? A backpack, suitcase, travel bag, or your own shopping cart would be very helpful to carry all your books while you're strolling around the venue. Because Big Bad Wolf will only provide you with shopping baskets and carts, which aren't always available, especially during hectic hours when the venue's packed with people.

Credit: Leah Kelley from Pexels

Credit: Leah Kelley from Pexels

Prepare yourself with snacks and drinks. A bottle of water would really help you to keep yourself hydrated during book-hunting. Again, the place is huge and you got all the time in the world to browse all the books. Not to mention that you would spend a lot of time walking, standing, and queuing. It's true that BBW now provides food trucks and drink stalls, but I think a dedicated bookworm like me wouldn't really want to waste any minute just to sit and sip a cup of iced bubble tea.

Install Goodreads. If you have a smartphone, I really recommend you to install a super useful app for book readers like Goodreads. I always use the app to get some reliable reviews on any interesting books that I found. And it's so easy to use! You can just scan the book barcode or simply capture the book cover with your phone camera, and bam, you'll get the complete synopsis and review of the book. The app is available for Android and Apple smartphones.

Going up all night. Avoid annoying crowd and long queue by visiting the book sale late at night, or even early in the morning. Since Big Bad Wolf opens nonstop for 24 hours, be flexible in your visiting time. A lot of my friends have told me how they enjoy Big Bad Wolf book-shopping at midnight. You might as well want to avoid weekends because it will definitely be jam-packed with people and avoid non-office hours (on weekdays).

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