October: The End of House Renovation

October: The End of House Renovation

October was rather a busy month, but I’m just glad that things made me really occupied. The weather tended to be hot and humid at times, but pretty sure it’s getting colder at the end of the month. And because of the weather, I found myself spending more time in the house and dedicating most of my time to chill—despite being busy with work and other things.


Life I’ve Had

This month I’ve been busy to prepare myself for the civil service exam (CPNS) held on the first week of November. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect or what I want from this, but I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t pass on the chance. Now I’m just hoping for the best. Also, I was still overwhelmed with handling the preparation of the Sunday School Christmas at my church. It’s already less than two months and the Christmas play was still a bit far from ready. I mean, so far the kids have been doing a great job, but still have to work everything out faster. However, I have to say, they’re good for first-timers! I wish I had my college friends who master in theater and dramatic performance to help me on this.

The big renovation work in my house was finally done this month. It's been a long and exhausting journey that part of me wondered whether this day would ever come. The work had started since April and everything is really finished early this month, so that's why it felt like forever. And during the project, my family encountered quite a lot of problems regarding it—it's either some of the workers my dad hired just did half of a job and left us with nothing, or the guys did a freaking horrible job. The project was also such a pain in the ass since we had to take turns and be in the house to monitor everything—meaning our daily activities really depended on it.

The only things that I can consider as the positive outcomes from the renovation project are the finished result (because finally I have a fresh and clean look bedroom!) and the new guys my dad hired on the last 2 months. They were very thorough with everything and worked like an absolute dream. Over all, my family is satisfied with the result and definitely learnt many things from the whole experience (although home renovation isn't really a new and strange thing to us). For now, we really enjoy our new house—with the fresh look and everything—and hello plaster dust.


Things I’ve Watched

Call Me By Your Name (4/5)

Watched this because a close friend of mine has been telling me how she really loves the movie, and partly because I was kinda curious about the hype with this Timothée Chalamet thing. I don't know what to say about the movie, but the whole thing is just beautiful. It's so good that I cried by the end of the movie. And this became the first gay movie that I turn out love! Not that I hate gays—it's just somehow movies with LGBT involved often go with too much sex and kinky. So it's great to find a kinda sweet and romantic movie that includes LGBT characters.

Searching (5/5)

It’s totally a new concept of cinematography for me, and it’s brilliant! The movie is exceptional for combining a clever concept of storytelling through screens like smartphones, laptops, browser windows... pretty much any screens that have prevalence in everyday life. And with a great lead cast, the movie brings out smart twists and satisfying thriller that never holds back. Just... wow. I really recommend this movie for everyone to watch! And it features Asian-American lead actor! Proud!

Things I’ve Listened To


I’ve been obsessed with Comments by Celebs! The podcast’s my latest discovery actually—I was browsing new things to listen to on my Apple Podcast and found the podcast. I’ve followed them first on Instagram and I’ve been loving the account SO MUCH. It’s like my source of great clapbacks and discoveries on celebs. And now I love the podcast too! My favorite episode is the one featuring Kelly Ripa, the princess of clapbacks (because the queen is Chrissy Teigen, obviously).

Another new discovery is an Indonesian podcast called Kejar Paket Pintar, by blogger Laila Achmad and art director Dara Hanafi. I know, I’ve been listening to so many podcasts but local’s. It’s because I hadn’t found Indonesian podcasts that I really like, until this one. The podcast’s rather laid-back but smart. I love listening to the sharp-witted ladies, who are very straight-forward and open-minded about anything. My favorite episode is the Rupa Rupa Reza Chandika, where they had a great witty chat with one of my favorite influencers. Couldn’t stop laughing.

Albums / Singles

Couldn’t. Stop. Listening. To. Honne! I’ve listened to Location Unknown for hundreds of time, but I just found an obsession of listening to the whole Honne - Love Me ◑ / Love Me Not ◐. I’ve listened to their other albums and no matter what, I think that particular album is ze bezt. One of my favorite songs in the album is Day 1 because the lyric’s sweet and the song is easy to listen to. Now I kinda regret that I passed on the chance to see them live at We The Fest this year. But they’ve performed in this country quite a lot, huh? Probably there would be a next time…

I’ve also been listening to GAC - Resonance—the trio is literally the music genius I adore. My most favorite from the album is Sailor and I love everything about the song: the lyric, the music video, the beat, the overall song itself… damn, guys. I’ve been listening to GAC for a long time—particularly since they were still a YouTube prodigy—and have been so proud of how they grow and what they become to until today. Their newest album, Resonance, is truly a well-done work.


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