Why I Decided to Leave Blogger for Squarespace

Why I Decided to Leave Blogger for Squarespace
Credit:  JESHOOTS.com

Credit: JESHOOTS.com

Since 2009, I've been using Blogger for blogging. Aside from being the most popular blogging platform at that time, Blogger is actually rather familiar and easy to use. Not to mention it's free! But the thing that I like the most from Blogger is the very customize-able template.

As a person who's really into art and design, I really want my blog to be well-designed. In fact, I often spent a lot of hours just to adjust and customize the layout of my blog. Even longer than the time I spent to write a blog post. Actually, I'm not really an expert on HTML. I just learned the very basic use of it on high school and figured out the rest by checking out the codes on the templates I used or downloaded from the internet. And I love the flexibility to edit template codes on Blogger, which can give me endless possibilities to personalize the layout of my blog. I also like how Blogger is very SEO-friendly. Probably it's because the blog platform is owned by Google and so I think it has more privilege to be promoted on search engines.

But then, after multiple redesigns on Blogger, I felt like I'd just completely outgrown it. It's true that it gave me the freedom to customize the template. However, still there are things that cannot be fully customized and it really bugged me. Especially images that often compressed or stretched horribly if the layout went wrong. Then, I started to give other blog platforms a try.

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The internet mostly suggested Wordpress, but too bad it's really far from my liking. I joined Wordpress with the free account and really hate the fact that while it provides very few templates, all of them lack of full-customization. So, I didn't bother to try the paid account. I tried Wix, which was just popped up everywhere whenever I searched for recommended blog platform. Turns out Wix is actually a website builder that handles blog contents too. I liked how my website can be fully-customized and was interested to upgrade my free account. But after a little more research on the internet, I found that Wix is actually suck on SEO.

After spending so much time checking out some well-designed blogs on the internet, I found a blog which had very minimalist yet aesthetic template. Turns out it was a Squarespace blog. I immediately adored its responsiveness and simplicity. So, I ended up checking Squarespace and took the 7-day free trial. Now, here I am, officially leaving Blogger and growing again from scratch with Squarespace. Here’s why I left Blogger for it…

Credit:  Bold & Pop

Credit: Bold & Pop

Why I Choose Squarespace Over Blogger (or Any Other Blog Platforms)

Reasonable and satisfying price. It costs me around $16 (Rp 210k) a month to have my blog on this platform. For me, it's totally worth it, especially for a platform that gives so much creative freedom and satisfying service. So, financially, I think it's reasonable, though I know this isn't something that everybody's on board with. Note: the price doesn't include domain (.com) fee, since I purchased it from a different hosting company.

Just drag and drop. You may not need some CSS knowledge to style your Squarespace blog. Well, if you happen to master it, code block or code injection would really help. But for those who are just like me, Squarespace is user-friendly. Designing your blog layout or visual appearance is just as easy as dragging and dropping anything!

It's already beautiful. The one thing that I love the most from Squarespace is its beautiful templates and the style editor that allows you to make pretty extensive customization, like fonts, colors, layout, padding, etc. Because the templates are already beautiful, I think it's just easy to make professional, clean, and modern looking websites, without hassling with codes.

Everything seems to be figured out. On Squarespace, installing plugins isn't needed. It includes a variety of features already built in, from various content blocks (text, gallery, video, buttons, code blocks, etc) to useful plugins (analytics, Mailchimp integration, social media sharing, announcement bar). Almost all your basic needs on plugins and features are already there! And if you probably thinking about integrating your site with other third parties' plugins or features, like Google for example, the developer support would give so much help.

Blogging with Squarespace is so far the best thing I've ever done. I'm so in love with Squarespace that I almost cried when finding out more about it. LOL, I might be overreacting, but really, blogging with Blogger had reached my limit to the point that I didn't really care about my writing anymore. Because I was too busy working on the layout! With Squarespace, I can focus more on my writing and my contents, because it's super easy to adjust the layout, so I can have a clean and responsive blog without any hassle.

What’s your favorite blogging platform so far?

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