First Time Organizing an Alternative Bridal Shower

First Time Organizing an Alternative Bridal Shower

I had to say that this has been an exciting month. Although a bit stressing, I've been happily busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Japan. But beside that, one of my best friends is getting married!

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And for the first time in my life, someone so close to me asked me to be a bridesmaid! I'm so happy for her that I'm not sure who's more excited on the wedding: me or the bride-to-be? However, I'm gonna get you to the behind story first because apparently forgetful Ruth is very forgetful (and somewhat stupid). Weeks after I was told about the date of the wedding, I foolishly booked the tickets to Japan with departure date EXACTLY ON THE WEDDING DAY. Yes, you may punch me in the face.

So after a lot of apologizing (just kidding, my friend is very forgiving), I felt somehow super guilty and then considering things that one can do when a friend is getting married. One particularly is throwing a bridal shower (or a bachelorette party, some might say). I've been watching films about people getting married and—while it intrigues me to also wanting to be married—it's always touching to see how the bride proposed her best friends to be her bridesmaids. Also, it seems fun to see what bridesmaids do, like helping with all the plannings and throwing a bridal shower.

When the other bridesmaids and I were discussing a bridal shower for our dear friend Nirma, we knew it wouldn't be the typical kind of one usually get. To be honest, we're not the type of friends who enjoys the usual ugly bride-to-be games. So we decided to consider an alternative route, where the bridesmaids can give the busy bride-zilla a night of special attention and all of us can actually have fun. After all, beside the bride-to-be's big milestone, it’s simply a celebration of our friendship. So, if you've got a happy bride-to-be to celebrate but not sure about throwing the typical bridal shower, here are some things and tips you can keep in mind. 

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It's like hanging out, but better. If you're not really sure about what to do for the happy bride-to-be, just think about what you guys would usually do when you hang out. With Nirma, there's nothing better than having a light chit-chat and good food. We're friends since college and ever since the graduation, we basically hang out just occasionally. So there would be a lot of catching up to do whenever we meet. Therefore for the shower, we just picked a cozy cafe where we can have a fun night to hang out and great food to feast.

Don't do the "wedding" thing too much. Yes, it's like hanging out, but better. But there's no need to point out the "wedding" stuff on everything. For the decoration, we went simple by going with foil letter balloons (spelled “HALAL TO BELER”, Beler is the lucky man’s nickname) and bunting flags. The bridesmaids agreed on wearing white and told the bride-to-be to wear pink. When the bride-to-be came, we gave her a flower crown and "Bride-To-Be" sash to make it a little special. We also ordered a bachelorette themed cupcakes, which is actually R-rated but it's just for the laughs.


Even the bridesmaids have to have fun. Apparently we also want to celebrate us being the bridesmaids. So we invent a bridesmaids trivia game called "Know Your Bridesmaids", where the bride-to-be has to name the bridesmaid that matches the clues mentioned by us. It's fun because we're close and we want to know whether the bride-to-be really knows us. Then we also play a wedding-themed "Heads Up", where the bride has to guess the word on the card above her head from the bridesmaids' clues. The point is all of you should also have fun as the “Team Bride”!

Keep it simple and have fun. Organizing a bridal shower for the special bride-to-be might be a bit overwhelming for you and the group have to plan, buy, and prepare things. Hence, don't add the stress and keep everything as simple as it can be. In the end you all should just be able to enjoy it and have fun. And if there are many things you'll want to put on your to-do list, just hit the best three first and have the rest as back up ideas in case everyone wants a few more things to do. If you’re actually out of ideas, just go with what the bride-to-be would want to do.

What’s your tips on throwing the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party?

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