Instagrammable Staycation at Convivia Home

Instagrammable Staycation at Convivia Home

Nowadays, staycation becomes one thing that everyone needs. No wonder, people are fed up with work and traffic and basically anything in life, that they just wanna hop on a plane and leave the city. But with busy schedule, it seems like there's nothing else left to do except planning a quick getaway. And the easiest thing to do is staycation.

Dying to have a getaway, me and some friends browsed around AirBnB and found a lovely home called The Convivia. It's located in the heart of Bandung, to be exact at Jalan Cibangkong No. 10, Bandung, near Trans Studio Mall. The unit is actually located on a small and narrow block, but it's just minutes to crowd-centers, like the famous Jalan Riau, Jalan Braga, and even Dago. So, long story short, we ended up staying a night in this house.


As you see, the inside of the house is beyond adorable. It's so cozy and, the most important thing, very instagrammable! We spent hours to take pictures of the interior. We really love the house as we wished to be able to live permanently in it and relive some Friends scenes. To be specific, the house is actually a two-story building and each floor's rented separately. At that time, we got the first floor space. The unit that we rented has a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, and a bathroom.

In the living room, there are a gray sofa with some cushions, a coffee table, a cabinet, and two other seatings. The kitchen provides clean basic utensils (glass, plate, spoon, fork,etc) and cook tools (cutting board, microwave, etc). There's also a mineral water dispenser for hot and cold drinks. Near the kitchen, there's a dining table with seatings for four.

Every bedroom is furnished with a flat-screen TV (complimented with cable TV program), a wooden desk, and a wooden installation where you can put your things, like bag or else. You can also find some fresh-cleaned towels there. In the bathroom, there's a shower connected to a heater, and a water closet. Outside the bathroom, there's a washbasin with a big mirror on the wall.

Reading corner.

Reading corner.


To be honest, this is the first time I use AirBnB, and my first impression for this first unit is certainly positive. The service is absolutely impeccable! When we arrived, there was a man who helped us with the check-in. Turns out, he lives in the same building through our stay and had been such a great helper on anything we need during the stay, with his intuitive and fast service.

What I also like about the unit is the lighting. I have to say the unit is seemed to be thoughtfully built with great lighting. There are too many switches just for a room! With that, you can choose how you would like the room be, whether it's brightly or dimly lit. The dining table also has some unique hanging lamps which we love so much.

And even a small thoughtful gesture moved us. During our stay, Convivia Home provided sachets of instant drinks like coffee and tea. A friend of mine, who claims that she can't have a morning without a cup of coffee, was indeed very happy for that.

Also, there's a key for each bedroom door that can be brought with you whenever you go outside the unit. So, security: checked! The bedrooms are also smell very nice, not to mention that each room has different scent. And, oh, have I mentioned that we're complimented with free and stable Wi-Fi connection?


The thing that bugged me though was the rather dusty floor. After we arrived, we left our shoes outside the building and did a little tour inside the unit while wearing socks. We thought the floor was alright, up until we found the bottom part of our socks were awfully dirty. However, Convivia Home did provide some slippers to be worn inside the unit.

If you drive a car to the building, it would be quite tricky to find a parking lot. The building actually has a garage that fits one car and a carport. It means only two cars can be parked within the area. Remember that the building is located on a very narrow alley.

You can call yourself lucky if the building isn't fully occupied with costumers who bring cars. Or if the alley simply isn't crowded with the cars of local families who live around the building. But if not, the man who lives in the building would be very helpful to figure out where your car should've been parked. Like a valet, he even would be very happy to handle the car through your stay.

Another complain I do have about the unit is that, during our stay, the washbasin was seemed to be unclogged and it spent hours to empty the basin from the used tap water. It's very annoying because the used water that flooded the basin was a very displeasing thing to see.

vsco-photo-4 (1).jpg

The owner of Convivia Home also owns a restaurant nearby called Srunding Authentic Indonesian. It serves mostly Indonesian menu and gives free breakfast for all Convivia Home guests. It's just around 10 minutes by car and the food's alright. The place is also instagrammable though. For foreigners, you can also check out some cool activities and workshops there, like making batik or tie-dying.

To have a staycation here is totally recommended. Me and my friends sweared that we would come back again someday, or maybe to try other Convivia rented spaces, because turns out when I checked on AirBnB there're still some other adorable spaces. And if you're planning to have a staycation in Bandung, you should really try the Convivia Home.


Photographs by Ruth Vania Christine and Gevintha Karunia Maully


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