Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

To be honest, this is the first time I've ever wanted to try a Korean skincare. Well, I've always underestimated Asian skincare or cosmetics, because we've never had a good connection. Asian skincare and cosmetics have never worked well on me. But, when I started looking around at Korean skincare products, there are a few favorites that will keep appearing. One of those that I came across a lot is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. As a Korean beauty brand, turns out Laneige is very famous for its water sleeping mask, which has been reviewed positively by many beauty enthusiasts.

So, apparently, the hype gets me and also I was in need of a good skincare for my terrible dry combination skin. A beauty YouTuber introduced me to Althea, an online shopping destination that sells various Korean cosmetic and skincare (I'd like to make a review on Althea, comment below if you want it too). I found the sleeping mask for a super affordable price, I believe it's even below 300,000 IDR ($29), which is the normal price in Indonesia. And since then, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask became my first sleeping mask ever.


The product claims to provide intense hydration, vitality and brightening effect, while restoring skin with deep relaxation. It seemed that all the details regarding the indications, ingredients, etc written on the back of the jar are in Korean. But, from what I know from Althea, it has Beta Glucan, which gives the skin regeneration effect, and Ceramide SLN, which gives the moisture loss protection.

It came in a glass jar packaging, packed in a box with a little spatula. The product is a 70 mL gel-type, colored with a hint of blue hue, which appeals to me very refreshing. Labeled as water mask, the product has a very light consistency and a bit droopy when applied. What I love from the product since the first time I opened the jar is the fragrance. It smells like something fresh, soothing, and calming. Upon opening the lid, actually there's a protective film on top which covers the product inside the jar. The spatula makes it so hygienic to use.

Actually, there's also a little manual sheet on how to apply, the ingredients, etc, but almost all of the text is written in Korean. Only a tiny detail explained in English. Maybe it's because I bought the mask directly from Seoul, South Korea (Althea did offer to send beauty products directly from South Korea).


Upon applying, as mentioned, the product feels very light like water, but quite sticky like gel. It also feels a bit cold and refreshing, so it's good to relax your skin. The manual said that it's better to inhale the scent after applying the mask, for better sleeping or relaxing experience. And it does smell so relaxing. For me, one scoop of the little spatula is just enough for my whole face.

Since it has a very light consistency, the product's easy to absorb into the skin. It doesn't leave any greasy feeling at all, so it's quite comfortable to sleep with it. Whenever I wake up with the mask, my skin would feel a bit oily, but after I wash my face, my skin looks healthier and feels so much softer. It smoothens any dry patches on my face, which has always been my complexion problem. Therefore, I'm so happy with the product! Using the mask for almost a month now, I feel that the mask really helps my skin, especially because I often sleep very late at night.


The thing that you have to put in mind is that the mask just works to moisture the skin. Don't expect it to heal or diminish dark spots, acne, and big pores. It's basically just a moisturizer that comes as a sleeping mask product. If you need extra moisture, just apply a little bit more than what you usually use. Also, you can always put other products on your face first before applying the mask, like serum or light moisturizer. I don't know if the product is really limited to night use, but I've ever using it like a normal moisturizer at daytime, just before I apply my makeup and after I put on my serum. It's because on that day I really need extra moisture for my super dry, cracking skin and I can't find any serum or other moisturizer in my room. And thankfully it still worked well on me!

Since then, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has been my holy grail whenever dry patches strike back. Or whenever my skin needs to really repair between my super late sleeping hours. Yes, it's a bit overpriced for a jar of a mask. Also, getting the affordable one means to wait a three-week long delivery from South Korea. But, I think it's really worth the price and the hype.


All photographs by Ruth Vania Christine

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