On Making 2017 The Year of Traveling and Writing

On Making 2017 The Year of Traveling and Writing

Another year has passed and another comes. And like any other new year rituals, yearly resolutions were made out of putting up promises for this year (or simply out of peer pressure). Me too, have an ultimate resolution for this year: to make 2017 the year of traveling and writing.

2016 has been such a good year of travels for me. Despite being a shitty year, I traveled a lot in 2016 and I'm a 100% sure that I've never traveled that much in my life before. Melbourne, Hobart, Singapore, Gorontalo, and some long-drive from Jakarta to Bogor and Bandung. Some of them were work-related. But, it's fun and I've become kinda addicted to it, that I want to make 2017 the year to travel.


Basically, traveling for me is likely to check off places that have been waiting on my list. But actually, it's so much more than that. Yes, some places in my list are the ones that pretty much anyone would absolutely would love to visit. But, I don't care if I'm just following the hype, or even not going far enough. Because traveling isn't about the place, it's about the journey. The experience to move from place to place.

My experience to travel solo in Australia is a big game changer for me. It allows me to embrace another side of traveling. And as I spent hours of waiting for my flight back to Jakarta in Tullamarine Airport Melbourne, I realized that traveling had given me many things. It lets me open my mind, cherish differences, meet new people, and seize opportunities. Traveling isn't just about visiting any Disneylands or some well-known destinations, but also having a good time in a fancy coffee shop in a place less traveled. So for those reasons, I think I'd still want to travel and experience more this year.

Credit: Nina Uhlíková

Credit: Nina Uhlíková

And to experience more means there would be so many "firsts" and new things for me. I realize that somewhere along the way my traveling obsession has to work with my writing. Because any first times and first impressions are surely worth to write. I mean, it's always great to be able to share any first experience, right? Also, I think it would be brilliant to share things regarding the journey, like how to apply visa or which cafe is very recommended. I've thought about it through, and I decided to also make 2017 the year to write.

Writing has become essential in my life. It's something that keeps me sane, besides music. And I always work to improve my writing quality. A fellow blogger that I look up to, Claradevi Handriatmadja, said in her blog that journaling is essential for her writing quality. So I intend to follow her suggestion on exploring my storytelling through journaling. I think I'm gonna start to use my smartphone to take notes on any experience regarding my trip. It would be a perfect way to store any great ideas to be written neatly later.

By writing, that is to say blogging. I really want to focus more on my blog this year. I want to write more for my blog and read more blogs for inspirations. I might not really often to read books anymore, so at least I have to really write more to improve my writing. Probably reading more blogs could also help me to work it.

Credit:  unsplash.com

Credit: unsplash.com

Making this kind of resolution actually makes me looking forward to accomplish it. Because, why not, traveling and writing have become the two things that I love now. And I'm planning to do it the fun way (because in which part traveling's not fun exactly?!). For me, it's important to be less uptight in doing resolutions, because in the end I don't want to make the things I love into some routine that I would hate.

So, welcome 2017. Please, for once, be good.

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