Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour Bangkok

Life achievement unlocked! To see Coldplay performs live had been like a forever-dream. I first heard the British rock band around 2004, when I was in junior high. I was already into rock bands, My Chemical Romance is my most favorite. I listened to Yellow and fell in love with the hypnotic and dreamy slo-mo. I mean, Coldplay songs are some unique dreaminess. Their music just sounds so relatable that I can't explain how, but I totally can feel it.

I love every album of Coldplay and so far my favorites are A Rush of Blood to the Head and Mylo Xyloto. Fix You had earned a personal attachment in me. I've been very influenced by the lyrics of each of Coldplay's songs that I think Chris Martin is a really talented song-writer. I've been wanting to see the live performance of Coldplay since I watched them perform at 2011 Glastonbury Festival on TV. It was so majestic that I felt so emotional watching it.

I was already late to know that Coldplay had planned to perform live in Melbourne when I visited the city. But when I got all on board for the Singapore concert, chances weren't with me because the tickets were sold really quick. Then my friend Gevintha and I decided to go after the Bangkok concert. Thank God we got the tickets, this time we purchased three with another friend Ratieh. Long story short, the chance to see Coldplay live performance finally in our favor.

Before entering the gate. I swear we don't know the boys who photobombed behind us. 

Before entering the gate. I swear we don't know the boys who photobombed behind us. 

Waiting hours and hours for Coldplay.

Waiting hours and hours for Coldplay.


They opened the performance with A Head Full of Dreams, which was definitely genius. The stadium was glowing red as Chris asked us to echo the "oh-oh-oh" interlude. Then fireworks were shot to the sky and suddenly I had goosebumps. I still couldn't believe that I finally had the chance to witness the magical performance. The performance continued and it was Yellow. The sky was full of green lasers. The crowd swayed their hands in the air while singing along to the song. But the sky wasn't really full of stars as what the lyric said. It's even cloudy with a chance of rain at that time.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall came next and I jumped happily to the intro for it's my most favorite song in the Mylo Xyloto album. I was so excited that I just shouted the lyric to the upbeat rhythm at the top of my lungs. The stadium was all purple and at the chorus, they showered the crowd with small butterfly-shaped papers. The Scientist also made me crazy because it's one of my all time favorite song of Coldplay. Chris played the piano to the intro and the beginning part of the song while singing slowly. The stage lighting beamed on every "nobody" lyric and climax notes.

Then, Chris and the band moved to the center stage, where they performed quite close to where I stood. All the performances in that stage are my most favorite moments because it was the only time I could watch him in a really close distance. I was standing right behind the fences that border the stage. What I also like is that they performed some intimate songs there, like Always in My Head and Magic. I was so happy and couldn't stop taking pictures, for that moment was definitely would only happen once in my lifetime.

photo (19).jpeg

When it was Everglow, I couldn't help it. Chris singing and playing piano is literally one beautiful thing. I cried through the whole song while singing along. Some girls around me even screamed "Oh my god" like crazy and cried. While busy singing and admiring him, I couldn't help to pity Chris, who repeatedly wiped his face with his palms, for it's so hot and he was sweating all over his body. Bangkok was a little rainy but very humid that day, so everyone's sweating like crazy.

Before Everglow, Chris took some time to speak and thanked all the people there. When he talked, the girls around me screamed like a lunatic, so it's kinda hard to really listen what Chris was saying. They even got crazier when Chris acknowledged that there were people in the audience coming from Indonesia and Jakarta. Well, I fell for that one and literally joined the screaming girls. But, I think Chris mentioned my home country just because the Indonesian girls around the stage yelled, "Chris! Chris! We're from Indonesia!", or "Indonesia loves you, Chris!".

My favorite moment also when Coldplay played Hero by one of my favorite legend David Bowie. I know that the song was played numbers of times on Coldplay concerts, but still I'm beyond happy to hear the song. I didn't understand why most of the people around me weren't that excited when the song was performed though. Clearly no one around me danced to the song or even sang along with it, as if no one knows the song but me. Well, I screamed out the lyrics, to be exact.

photo (5).jpeg

Almost all of my favorite songs were played that day, including Everglow, Yellow, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Adventure of a Lifetime, and of course Fix You. All the waiting, tiring, and long-list annoying experience were just gone. I jumped, shouted, and waved my hands to the rhythm, as if the rest of the world was gone. It was really mind-blowing. And for the very first time, I had a great time in a concert. This is so far more enjoyable than my last one, 2011 Bruno Mars Live in Jakarta.

It's a great memory, though it's bad that I couldn't use my pocket camera there. I only used my phone camera, but thank God it's an iPhone, so it really doesn't have problems with overly-zoomed captures. But, really, it's very unfortunate that I couldn't use a great camera for this. Well, I didn't know that I was going that close to the band. So, sorry for the low-quality and cringe-worthy pictures! At least, I captured almost all the great moments.


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All photographs by Ruth Vania Christine


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