Songs That Are Highly Anticipated but Upsetting

Up to now, music has been something more than just mere entertainment. It's a voice that is powerful, a sound that touches hearts, a melody that speaks. We all have those songs that we're most excited for, mostly from some promising albums or talented singer/band that we've been a fan of. But, sometimes the excitement would upset us for finding that the songs are actually far from what we expected. Like what I found on these songs...

Credit:  Rolling Stone

Credit: Rolling Stone

Ariana Grande and John Legend - Beauty and the Beast

Yes, this song is trending lately and, I mean, come on. The song has been my favorite childhood song and both of the pop stars are excellent singers. But, all I can hear from this remake version of the iconic number is pure awkward. It's really obvious that Ari and John had failed to mirror the great chemistry between Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson for the 1991 version.

The musical arrangement is also a failure for losing the original artistic charm. To be honest, it sounds really karaoke-y and of course doesn't go well with the awkward duet. Up to know, I still can't believe that the song would be this upsetting. Ari and John are my favorites, so I can't believe both of them would be this cringe-worthy.

Credit:  Beats4LA

Credit: Beats4LA

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Fifty Shades of Grey is one of my most awaited films. I've been thinking about how sexy it would be, with intimate and romantic numbers to be the theme songs. And I just couldn't upset more on Love Me Like You Do for being the number one soundtrack! As good as the song is, I think it's just not the right song to be a Fifty Shades sequel number.

Ellie Goulding is amazing, I love her. She sings as if she's breathlessly whispering, which makes her singing sounds so intimate. But, the thing is, it really do anything much to Love Me Like You Do. Yes, the song is also intimate and romantic, with surprisingly clever touches to the lyrics. But, the rhythm and instrumentation don't fit. I mean, it's too light and somehow sounds quite cheery. I like the pounding drums, which makes the song a little bit deep and heavy, but the orchestra makes it too uplifting for a sexy song.

Credit:  YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Beyoncé - 7/11

As much as I love Queen Bey, I never understood why people like this song. I love all of her songs in her album Beyoncé (2013) and I didn't understand why she would make this song and reissue Beyoncé: Platinum Edition (2014). I listened 7/11 as the sneak peeks and trailers gave its way through the release. I thought, 'Oh, great, another well-made tracks from the album Beyoncé', but then I was like, 'Meh'.

7/11 is a song where Beyoncé did rap-singing, almost from the start to the end of the track. Don't expect for her singing voice here, because it's all beats, raps, chants, and whatever. However, it does sound catchy, with Beyoncé shouted some of the lyrics to the upbeat rhythm. But, overall the song is a complete mess and totally didn't fit to the original album tracks.

Credit:  246Mixtapes

Credit: 246Mixtapes

Rihanna and Drake - Work

Unapologetically lazy. The song mainly consists of Rihanna bleating "work" repeatedly. Don't expect any singing voice, cause what Rihanna did was far from singing. She's more likely slurring and gibbering like a drunk pathetic woman. The lyrics are barely heard clearly that I think people would need to Google up the exact lyrics.

I like Drake here, however. His voice is one of the only things that makes the song still sounds right, after the mid-tempo beat. But, still it's not enough to make me understand why the song named as one of the best tracks in 2016 by Rolling Stone, NME, NPR, Pitchfork, and even nominated at the 59th Grammy Awards! I really don't get it.



Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love (2016 Remix)

Come on, a revolutionary song should be better than this. I always love the 2003 rendition of Where is the Love. I even know every lyric of it and able to rap it out to y'all (nah, enough with the bragging). When the new remix came out, I was really excited out of curiosity. But then I listened it and turns out it became something that I regret to do.

For a good cause, the song isn't really worth-listening. The music video is okay, but the song is a complete trash. It's awful and depressing, much to the monotone vibe the Black Eyed Peas brings to the new arrangement. I mean, the classic rendition had been quite vibrant with the rap and sing-through jam. Enough with the robotic lyrics!

Credit:  Radio Baires

Credit: Radio Baires

Maroon 5 (ft. Kendrick Lamar) - Don't Wanna Know

Since its fifth album, V (2014), Maroon 5 has been my least favored band. Don't Wanna Know just justifies my frustration towards the band that I used to love. As what I assumed, this single is just another pop song relying on repetition of some phrase or rhythm to sound catchy.

It's far from the usual acoustic calmness on Maroon 5 singles, because it's really a kind of song which is meaningless and put together with a repetitive electronic beat. Gosh, I just miss their meaningful lyrics and easy-listening beats.

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