Love and Hate Trip to Pramuka Island

The trip to Pramuka Island was the kinda holiday that I've been waiting for, but turns out it was a kind of love-and-hate experience

I went there with some college friends who join IKMI, an organization belongs to English Literature Universitas Indonesia students. A senior had recommended the island and gave us some helpful insights of fun activities to do there. He also offered us some links to get some good and cheap deals for accommodations, attractions, and activities there.

We went there early in the morning from Stasiun UI and took the train to Stasiun Kota. Then, we rode an angkot to Muara Angke. The trip by ferry to Pramuka Island from Muara Angke was fucking nauseating. Bumpy waves made my head spinning that I decided to go to the upper deck, which is more open space. Thank God the fresh air made me all feeling okay up until we arrived at Pramuka Island.

The two days and a night were totally fun. We went snorkeling, beach-walking, and sight-seeing. That was my first time snorkeling, anyway. And it was fun, although I really hate to go into a dark and deep water. I prefer the shallow water, where the sunlight still reach the corals. We also get to walk around the island. Pramuka Island is so small that we could finish walking throughout the island just for an hour. It's great though, meeting the kind people who live there.

At night, we did a little barbecuing and light some fireworks. Then we spent the night playing games, singing with a guitar, and gossiping, until every one of us went asleep. But, sleeping was tricky. We had to fight the bugs and mosquitoes all night between sleep. No wonder almost all of us didn't get enough sleep and some of us even couldn't sleep. However, the night felt like a long-long night.

Also, turns out clean water was really a rare thing. We totally didn't get to really shower clean, just because all the water we have, even in our staying place bathrooms, is salty water. So, yeah, imagine how it would be, considering we're having so many water activities out there in the salty sea water. I even had to think twice just to pee in the toilet. But, for that, the girls then decided to buy bottles of mineral water from the nearest shops, and use them for sanitation and hygiene purposes (felt all guilty to use drinking water for that, but still hygiene is hygiene).

Overall, the trip was unforgettable. At least finally I got to visit one of the well-known destinations in Kepulauan Seribu. However, for some reasons, I didn't really think to go back and visit the island again someday. I've had enough with the water, the bugs and mosquitoes, also the overloaded ferries. The sights were also kind of so-so for me, nothing much. The things that only made me excited were the snorkeling experience and having fun moments with friends. So, although there were things that I hate, still there were also things that I love. But, I wonder if all of my negative experiences are because we're paying quite cheap for this whole trip.

 Photographs by Malik Ganis Ilman and Gevintha Karunia Maully 

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