Yummy Places in Melbourne

Believe me, Melbourne is a food-lovers' paradise. There will always be a place to eat and drink, even at the corners of the city. Because, besides art, Melbourne is all about restaurants, cafes, and bars. From the original Australian steak, best burgers, to mixed-recipe nachos, you name it. I think any popular food is available in Melbourne.

With so many choices, it's really hard to pick one or even narrow down a selection. But on my last two weeks trip to Melbourne, I happened to try some of the bests, all thanks to my cousin who lived there. Turns out Melbourne people have a wide range of tastes and I love to eat like locals. Although McDonald's and KFC are my ultimate go-to there (because they're the ones that affordable), here are some other yummy places in Melbourne that I tried and recommend.

 Credit:  San Churro

Credit: San Churro

San Churro

Churros in San Churro are made fresh and crispy, so far the best churros I've ever tasted! You can have it dusted with or without sugar. Various dipping sauces are also available, but the favorites are hot melt chocolate and caramel. Also, all of their chocolate are the best, from the dipping sauce, to the chocolate milkshake. San Churro is really the place to satisfy your chocolate thirst, so stick to the chocolate options because it won't be upsetting. It's slightly over-priced, though, but it's definitely worth it.

 Credit:  Dimmi

Credit: Dimmi

TGI Friday

Their steak, especially the pork ones and the Jack Daniel's glazed, are amazing. The meat was juicy and perfectly marinated. The chips were fine, they were crispy but a bit under-seasoned. The food are all pretty much as good as any other TGI Fridays. What I really hated the most was the lame service. It's like it took years to wait for orders. Even it almost like hours for the waiter to give me the extra cutlery I asked before. But all the lame service were made up by the great food.


No wonder their burger is well-known as one of the best burgers in Melbourne. Famous for its Double Dragon, 8Bit is a perfect place to head and enjoy a burger meal. The shop is located on the corner of Swanton St. and Little Bourke St., which is open daily until late. It's always crowded, mostly for its original 8Bit burger with cheese, Golden Axe fried chicken burger, or--of course--Double Dragon.

Guzman y Gomez

I still don't know how the original nachos would taste, but the one I had in Guzman y Gomez is really delicious and tasty. I've tried various nachos in Jakarta, but so far Guzman y Gomez nachos is the best. The portion was more than enough. Guzman y Gomez also very generous for the toppings, definitely satisfying. The Mexican joint is famous for its hot and crispy Quesadillas.