Travel Wishes in 2017

Everyone must be having some dream destinations that they can't stop thinking about. Some destinations that they would see the photos online and think, "Oh, I would like to go there some day". Like me, I have some dream destinations where I've been wishing to go, like (hopefully) this year.

The thing is, I've been dreaming about them for years and I simply think I can't afford it, just because I'm financially incapable. But, for this year, I'm thinking about making at least one of them a goal. Like a real plan. Because I think fulfilling dreams are just a matter of setting goals and finding ways to make them happen.

So, here's my first ever made travel wishes list.

As you can see, most of my travel wishes are sight-champions. They are all ranging from city sights to nature sights. Also, some of them currently become the hype among travelers. And, if you notice, yes, foreign countries dominate my list. It's because I just need a time-off from Indonesia. From the people, the weather, the situation, the atmosphere. As much as I love Indonesia, still there are things overwhelming. I just need to refresh myself and witness something new, by visiting new places, meeting new people,  and experiencing new things.

Well, I guess now it's up to me, working my ass off to fulfill at least one of them. Just wish me luck!


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