Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Hobart Soon

Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Hobart Soon

It all started with a disappointment from my cousin, Daisy, who was complaining about the pricey ticket to fly to Sydney.

When I traveled alone to Australia and stayed with my cousin at Melbourne in November last year, my mom suggested me to visit Sydney. But the high price forced me and my cousin to opt for other destination. Meanwhile, Jetstar offered much lower price for Hobart. Long story short, the capital of Tasmania and the oldest city in Australia then becomes our unforgettable travel destination! And here's why you have to visit the city too, soon I hope...


The wildlife tour is a must. In Tasmania, it is indeed! Going along the coastline of Tasman National Park is worth every second of your time. It's an area where the most stunning coastal scenery in the southern hemisphere lies. Most of it including sea cliffs and caves (Cape Raoul is my favorite), which are highly preserved because of their scenic values. You can also spot some native wildlife like dolphins, seals, and peregrine falcons there!

It's recommended to hire a professional tour guide or book a trusted tour service for the wildlife tour because you get to know all the story and explanation. Personally, I recommend Pennicott Wilderness Journeys because they have the best service anyone could ever ask for. I did the Tasman Island & Port Arthur Cruise Tour, and all is very well-organised and enjoyable. Nick, the tour guide, is very enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeable. The program is an award-winning, so it's definitely worth every penny.


It's Australia's second oldest city, but also a tourist trap. Hobart City Center (or widely known as Hobart CBD) is basically the heart of Hobart metropolitan area. But while being one of the most developed areas in Hobart, the city center still embraces its historic identity since it's the oldest part of the city. So don't be surprised if you able to find the vintage Hobart General Post Office clockwork tower after you stroll around Elizabeth Street Mall, where modern shopping destinations are. Check out Macquarie Street, Franklin Square, or Franklin Wharf for more vintage sightseeing experience.

You get to climb one of the highest mountains in Tasmania! Mount Wellington is very close to the city and the view from up there definitely won't disappoint, so it's totally a must-do. When you reached the summit, you'll have the most spectacular 360 degree view you've ever seen! The scenery overlooking Hobart is also beautiful, although it's often foggy up there. The summit is very windy and cold, so make sure you bring warm clothing. To go up there, you can drive yourself or walk through the walking trails. But, there are some tour services that mostly offer bus trips to the summit.


Cruising to an art museum isn't new... Well, it's not really a cruise—a ferry, in fact. But the MR-1 MONA ferry provides the best and enjoyable service equal to a cruise! Comfortable seating, fun ambiance, helpful staffs, and wonderful view... They're even so thoughtful with the free drinks! And Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is a very recommended place to enjoy and witness some edgy and magnificent art pieces. This museum's literally one of the very few art galleries at the cutting edge on international level of 'art'.


You can witness the oldest bridge in Australia. The foundation stone for the Richmond Bridge was laid on 11 December 1823 and construction was completed in 1825. But as old as it gets, its beauty is timeless. Me and my cousin have had the most relaxing afternoon here. The running water, ducks, and grassy sitting areas would really worth your time. You should pay a visit to the bridge for a classic picturesque experience of Hobart and an understanding to Australia's history. It's easy to get there, just take a public bus to Richmond.

Saturdays will be well-spent with a meal at the local market. It's a shame that me and my cousin didn't really visit the Salamanca Market. We've heard so many things about it, but on that Saturday we had to fly back to Melbourne just so I could catch my flight to Jakarta on Sunday. Yes, the highly-recommended market is only open on Saturdays and a must-see in Hobart! The market's famous for its various food stalls, which should be perfect for a great culinary stroll. I wish I can get a chance to visit the city again and have a stroll around the market.

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Which part(s) of Hobart make(s) you interested to visit the city soon?


Photos by Ruth Vania Christine and Bintang Verawaty

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