The Best and Recommended Halal Food in Singapore

The Best and Recommended Halal Food in Singapore

Halal lifestyle has become the new it-girl to the travel industry.

Yes, travel destinations has been busy focusing on segmented tourists: from families with toddlers, solo travelers, to Muslims. And they're all coming with different specific needs, which become the things that travel destinations worked so hard to meet.

Singapore, a country and a city that a mixture of roots and cultures. Pampered in modernity, but still enriched in history. As one of the must-visit destinations in South East Asia, Singapore has also been the best to welcome its diverse visitors, including Muslims. No wonder it was named as world's most friendly non-Islamic destination for Muslim tourists.

Basically, what Muslims look for are including halal foods and drinks, accessible mosques or prayer rooms, also safety. And talking about foods, yes, halal has never been so good in Singapore! Here are some best recommendations on halal food in Singapore.

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Deli Moroccan

Located on Bussorah Street, Kampong Glam, this restaurant serves Moroccan delicacies with the mixture of Mediterranian and Arabian traditional dishes. You have to try tagine, a Moroccan meat stew cooked in clay pot.

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The Shepherd’s Pie

Turns out even a place like Chinatown holds multicultural elements, like what's offered by this pie stall. The Sheperd's Pie serves you English very own traditional pies, cooked with meats and mashed potato. The pies even come in big portions, which can be enjoyed around 4-6 persons.

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Shiraz mazzeh

This authentic Persian restaurant specialty aren't just its various halal menu, but also its healthy foods. Try shandiz (safron rice with roasted lamb) or kubideh (roasted lamb topped with tomatoes and roasted potatoes). Located in a great commercial spot, Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road.

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rasapura masters

Halal food even also available in a luxurious shopping destination like Marina Bay Sands. Boon Tat Street Barbecue Seafood serves the best and recommended seafood. Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine is also a perfect option for Chinese-Malayan menu. If you're looking for highly-rated Indian meals by certified chef, try Indian Express.

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Tiong Bahru Bakery

In this croissants paradise, opts for the various flavorings: from the plain original, almond, to chocolate. For dessert lovers, this bakery and pastry in Eng Hoon, Raffles City, also offers desserts inspired by Asian style, like Pineapple Coconut Cake and Pandan Flan.

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This article originally appeared in Bahasa Indonesia in Tribun Network's weekend column, Travel, on 1 October 2016, and

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