Woman Crush: Hillary Clinton
Credit:  Vogue

Credit: Vogue

It has been election months in USA and the world just cannot keep their eyes out of it. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Democrat's nominee in the election race, had my eyes. She is the first woman of a major political party to run for POTUS. She is one of the most inspiring first ladies of the US. As a woman, she didn't just stay at home and bake cookies. She used her power to make a breakthrough. Hillary Clinton simply become my second favorite FLOTUS after Michelle Obama.

Credit:  The Nation

Credit: The Nation

I admire her for being a defender of human rights and gender equality. Just a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon Wikipedia and was impressed with the positive work that she has consistently accomplished throughout her life. I saw that she's really dedicating her life for women, girls, and equal rights. Justifying that women's rights are human rights. Her story about sending a letter to NASA and asked about what she could do to become and astronaut for only to be told that they didn't accept girls for that position inspires me. And other stories about getting "no" for being class president, US Marine, to US president. I love her for being so ambitious and poise. I like how furious she was when getting those "no", but then still aiming for the best she could achieve as a girl and a woman.

Credits:  CafeMom

Credits: CafeMom

I've read quite a lot about her and found out she is really a woman who started everything from nothing. From her political career, her dreams, to her achievements in life. For her to have control on anything in her life is really inspiring. The way she hung up on Bill marriage proposals for being unsure whether marriage would affect her process to pursue her dreams. Then finally accepted it and decided to follow her heart, not her head. Even when Bill engaged in Lewinsky extramarital scandal, she reaffirmed her commitment to the marriage in a strong way and full of control. I mean, dammit, she even owns him.

My favorite quote of her is her statement in her 2013 memoir, about deciding to stay married to Bill after the Lewinsky scandal:

No one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met.
— Hillary Rodham Clinton

I stumbled upon the young Clintons photos on Google and instantly fell in love with them. What a life they've had since! Also, Hillary was absolutely such a babe. The photos definitely make it hard not to like the Clintons.

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