Woman Crush: Michelle Obama
Credit:   Cooking Light

Credit: Cooking Light

It's definitely not a secret anymore that I have a huge crush on this first lady of the third world country. I mean, who doesn't love her? She's fun, she's black, she's sassy, she's beautiful, and the most important thing: she rules! She's the one who makes me believe that even first family can have AND be fun. Well, Michelle, then Justin Trudeau and Joko Widodo. She's also the one who makes me care about US politics and life in DC, even though she doesn't do politics. Well, she and Scandal.

I admire her for her passion in changing the world while being a first lady of the free world. I admire how she used her power and influence as a first lady to push better education for girls, healthy life for children, also equal rights and respect for women. All that she did while still being in the White House had made her worth the title "first lady", beside being married to the President of the US.

Credit:  Gossip and Gab

I also love her for being herself at any moments. From talking on podiums, to rocking on a Missy Elliot song in a car for the James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. From being so angry to the utmost at Donald Trump's "grab the pussy" comment, to being so carefree for any Ellen DeGeneres show. Looking at her is like looking at a pure mother and woman who happened to live in the White House. She just doesn't do presidential-fake face or personality. She's just being Michelle Obama.

Credit:  CNN.com

Credit: CNN.com

Credit:  nv.ua

Credit: nv.ua

Her love life with Barack Obama is also what inspires me. I like how she is treated right by him and how she always looked like she really falls in love with him. She's so lucky to have a man who sees her like she's the center of the universe, the big point of his life. Their relationship even makes the world seemed to fall in love! Lastly, Michelle Obama's definitely a fashion icon. As a black first lady, she really rocks so many great outfits! She even doesn't really care about baring some skin. No wonder there are so many notable brands and designers willing to dress her. Will be missing her so much, especially after she leaves Washington for good.

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