Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
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Just weeks ago I went to Japan and came home with terrible skin complication, which I always get whenever I travel. I think it's because my dry and dehydrated skin needs a lot more hydration as compared to the usual. Long flights and weather changing just don't do any good to my skin. So, whenever I came home from traveling, I would just grab any great skincare products I have that can provide me with the hydration my skin needs. One of them has to be this Bioderma Hydrabio Serum.

I've spent a lot of thinking and comparing before finally decided to own my first bottle a year ago. It's because the serum's quite pricey for me and I've never bought skincare products at that price before. So it got me thinking about the worthness and else. I did so much research for that and compare them to any other high-rated hydrating serum. I almost went for trying the sample product. But while researching, I often found that people who try the product directly from the bottle tends to give positive review than others who get to try it as a free sample. And it just got me thinking about going straight for the full-size.

It's been a year and I'm already on my second bottle. Then it hit me: I haven't give any recognition or appreciation on what it did to me. Overall, this is a great hydrating serum and it has been my absolute hydrating holy grail! So, here goes my review on that.

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The product - as written on the bottle - claims to "generating intense hydration" and suitable for "very dehydrated sensitive skin", which is the exact complexion of my skin. It's a moisturizing concentrate that comes in 40ml-size. The packaging also says that it's non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and with allergen-free fragrance. As per Bioderma official site, the benefits of the product are (1) instant and lasting moisturizing effect, (2) smooths the skin and restores radiance, (3) smooth and extra-fresh texture, and (4) tailored to all skin types, alone or combined with treatment.

It's recommended to be used daily, both morning and evening. But actually I prefer to use it only if my skin needs extra hydration, just because I don't want to over-moisturize it. To use the serum, apply it on your clean face and neck. It can be used alone and practically simplify my night skincare routine. However, it's okay to do some layering since it has weightless texture.

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What I love from this product includes the texture - the cooling gel texture, to be sure. It's very lightweight and absorbs instantly. It's so comfortable that I even use it as a primer before putting my makeup on. It's so weightless that you don't even mind to layer it up with other skincare or makeup. The packaging is super hygiene. It comes in an airless pump bottle, with a blue transparent cap. The pump allows me to control the amount of product I want to use. The slim cylinder container fits to almost all makeup pouch. Simply put, it's travel-friendly!

The smell is so heavenly! It actually smells like a nice powdery scent. It's light fragrance, but quite noticeable. Whenever I apply the product onto my face, I feel super fresh and relaxed by the scent. It's like having a gently calming moment. I also love the effect. It really gives the perfect hydration to my skin and it never fails. So far, already on my second bottle, it doesn't give any breakouts or uncontrollable oily skin. Whenever my skin goes awfully dry and dehydrated, the serum would act like  a lotion that retains my skin's water balance.

Although it's quite pricey for me, the usage is just 1-2 pumps for my face and neck, 2-3 pumps in case of needing extra hydration. Meaning, the product would last long in your dresser. The availability, which is widely obtainable in Jakarta, Indonesia, also makes me even love this product more. Just head over to the nearest drugstores (Guardian, Century, Watson), supermarkets (Carrefour), or Bioderma counters in department stores. So, it's easy to find!

I hate the price. Like, seriously. It's not really out of reach, but I have a moisturizing cream that almost works just like the serum it's just priced at around Rp 200k ($15). For a serum like this, the price around Rp 300k ($22) is quite over-priced. But then, Bioderma always offers its high quality products in rather high price (though often still affordable), like the famous micellar water. After all, it's really worth it.


All photographs by Ruth Vania Christine

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