Organic Supply Co Rosehip Oil

Getting older, I realized that I should've started to do more for my skin. I've been seeing face oils like Farsali, Josie Maran, and The Ordinary getting the hype, and I was really curious about it. Months ago, I browsed around the internet about face oils, the benefits, and the possibility of such oils to work on combination skin like mine. Then I decided to dip my toes into the face oil craze.

Upon deciding which oil to purchase, I found Organic Supply Co while comparing affordable high-rated face oils on the internet. Organic Supply Co is a local organic essential oils and ingredients retail company, which is the first ever in Indonesia. I've read somewhere that rosehip oil has magnificent impact for skin and thus found myself ordering the Organic Supply Co Rosehip Oil. It's almost two months now and I've used almost half of the bottle. So, here's my thoughts about the product, just because I can't wait to share it with all of you. And, spoiler alert, it's positive!


As per Organic Supply Co website, its Rosehip Seed oil is 100% pure cold-pressed oil from rose hips of Rosa Canina. Not only the Rosehip Seed oil embraces high amount of essential acids, but it's also enriched with vitamin A and E. Rosehip Seed oil has been proven as a cosmetic grade product to improve skin texture, reducing scars, and skin discoloration.

Rosehip Seed oil is said to be suitable for sensitive, dry, and mature skin, especially to be used as an anti-aging facial serum. For dry and sensitive skin owner out there, I swear that the oil is a perfect go-to product to moisturize and hydrate your skin. On the box, you can see that Rosehip Seed oil is claimed to be able to handle scars, stretch marks, burns and wounds, eczema, acne... up to brittle nails! So basically it's just everything that I need in my life.

The oil is suggested to be used as an after cleanse facial serum, or a body oil. So far I've only been using it as a facial serum to moisturize my skin, or basically to take care of everything on my face. Both morning and evening. I usually just drop some onto my hand and apply it on my clean face and neck. Sometimes I would slowly massage my skin while rubbing my face with the oil. Sometimes I'd just drop the oil directly onto my face and rub it evenly all over my skin. Since it's an oil product, I always use it alone to avoid the greasy.


The first thing that I love is the effect, like, even from the first time I use it! It's very moisturizing and I think my skin really loves the oil, since it always looks so healthy whenever I use the oil. Black spots, acnes, dry patches are shoo-ed away. Sometimes I also use it to prep my face before putting my makeup. It makes my makeup stays longer and controls excess oil. Definitely a keeper! Then, the packaging. The product comes in a dark elixir-like glass bottle, with a dropper. The bottle's thick and heavy, so definitely not travel-friendly. But I love how the dropper lets me control the amount of product I want to use. 

The price is super affordable at 140,000 IDR (around $10)! Like, whut??? And with that super affordable price, the 20 ml product is enough for approximately three months' daily usage. Just around 3-4 drops for the face and neck. So what's not to love? Remember to always store the product in a refrigerator after opening to prolong the shelf life. The texture is basically like fish oil, with that ugly yellowish color. But, it unexpectedly absorbs instantly! My combo dry-slash-oily skin had been hating oil products, up until it met Rosehip Seed oil. It's like they just clicked. No greasy feeling at all. I have no problem to use it before sleep and even I use it before I put my makeup on.


What I hate is the smell, which is like, oh my gosh, the worst. At first, I was really bothered by the fishy scent. In fact, I used to avoid applying the product around the tip of my nose, just because I really hate the smell! But, after weeks of usage, I'm kind of getting used to it. Well, I think the fact that it's a pure organic oil already explains the terrible smell. But, would I repurchase? YES! Although I'm more intrigued to try other facial oil—just out of curiousity—this Rosehip Oil by Organic Suppy Co is worth to repurchase.


Photos by Ruth Vania Christine

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