Still Writing: Why I've Been MIA

Still Writing: Why I've Been MIA

Whoa, been a long time since last year. So, here's a quick update: I've been working for nearly a year in a well-known media company, Kompas Gramedia, as a journalist. And over all the busy schedule, I've been working so hard to get on board again with this blog, so this post's gonna be some kind of a disclaimer to my long hiatus from blogging.

The thing is, there are things that pull me back from writing for this blog. Academic assignments were the reason why I always skipped blogging when I was still studying at UI, since assignments meant papers and other writing works. Well, I started blogging to fulfill my love of writing. With so many writing assignments on college, I felt like they've already fulfilled that hobby of mine. And now, I worked as a journalist, writing becomes the job. So then again the blog's a bit abandoned.

However, see, how cool is that? Writing, something that at first is only a hobby, then became the thing I did mostly on college, and now becomes something that I am paid for! It means like, now, writing is my life! I can't believe that, for now, writing is holding a major role in my life.

A T-shirt designed by me back in college.

A T-shirt designed by me back in college.

When I was younger, I thought my future was meant for designing. My friends also thought exactly like that. Well, designing was used to be my hobby, which became something that I was praised for. But, now it really ends up as a hobby. Because I used to think designing would be my fate, after I graduated, I tried to apply at agencies and media company as a graphic designer. Then, I knew that I am a total crap at designing. The point is, my knowledge and creative head isn't enough to make me a graphic designer.

I drowned in some kind of self-confidence crisis. I was no more believing that I am capable on anything (ugh, why am I so overthinking and overreacting sometimes?), until I saw something on my curriculum vitae. There's this section on the CV that said I've ever interned at The Jakarta Post's Speak! Magazine and wrote some articles for the magazine. And on the 'achievement' part, I mentioned that I've ever won money for article writing competition.

One of my articles for The Jakarta Post's  Speak!  Magazine.

One of my articles for The Jakarta Post's Speak! Magazine.

So then, I started to choose the writing point-of-view. I listed the things that can be the proof of my writing capabilities. Well, beside the things that I've mentioned, I already wrote and learned writing so much in college. Then, I started to apply jobs that involve writing and now here I am, writing for an Indonesian online news channel.

Now, looking back to the things I wrote in this blog and online journal, I think I'm going to write more here. After all, I always think this blog is where the writing hobby started, far when I was on high school and writing still really is just a hobby. So, I wanna keep this thing alive as long as I can. I would be still very busy writing articles for work, but I will also fill up this blog with anything when I'm off.

And to do that, there are some bloggers that really inspire me for my writings and blog-contents. Not all of them are writers, in fact most of them are photographers, but at least these people has given me insights on how to manage my blog and its contents. Also, on how to make my blog looking all nice and pleasing enough to the eyes. I've been following their blogging journeys for years and always wonder whether I can make something like them.





Inspired by them, I think I wanna make this blog to be more organized and handle it seriously: with good and interesting contents. So there will be no more whining and overreacting post like what I used to post when I was on high school. Maybe there will be much more reviews on books, movies, TV series, beauty products, etc. Or maybe tips or how to-s. But I will still be posting interesting experience, like vacations or first times. Oh, well, let's see.


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