Singapore: What I Did in 3 Days

Singapore: What I Did in 3 Days

After 12 years, finally I got the chance again to visit Singapore.

This is the second time I visit the well-organized and well-pampered country. And, as expected, Singapore still fascinates me like the first time. With its wonderful city sight, fun entertainment, and delicious cuisine! This trip really made me love Singapore even more, because I got to see, visit, and try things that I have never got to from my first and long-time-ago trip.

This trip was actually work related—for Singapore Tourism Board—but yet it's super fun and didn't even feel like working! Not to mention that I wanna do it all over again! This time, I got the chance to stroll around the city and Sentosa Island for three days and two nights. I experienced so many must-do things in Singapore: from bodylifting, to tasting Peranakan cuisine. Basically things I've never done before. Turns out the rather small country Singapore has so many things to offer!

But one thing that seemed to be different from this latest version of Singapore I saw is that it becomes more crowded.  And when we hit the main roads of the center of the city, there would always be traffic jam. Like it's Jakarta all over again! Our tour guide said that Singapore does become crowded. Anyways, here goes the list of what I did in 3 days back in Singapore. Might be helpful for planning your upcoming Singapore trip!

Day 1

Cruised with the SuperStar Gemini. Well, wasn't really cruising off—we just got on the cruise ship, which just docked at the HarbourFront Centre and prepared for another trip. It's my first time to be in a cruise ship and it was awesome! The inside of the ship is so big and there are many activities offered. Cruising with Star Cruises is perfect for families. Read my complete story about my experience getting on the SuperStar Gemini in this post.

Got on the Singapore Cable Car. The cable car is the best transportation to get to Sentosa Island. Make sure to give it a ride because the trip is really enjoyable, for it gives you the perfect aerial views of the city and the island. It goes up to and from the Faber Peak. It's also very comfortable, no bumpy ride despite the windy weather.

Took the DUCK Tours. This award-winning tour offers an extraordinary tour: riding a refurbished World War II amphibious vehicle from Vietnam and splashing into the Marina Bay waters! The trip started from the Suntec City, followed by a quick city tour. Then, the craft got into the waters of Marina Bay and cruised along the outline of Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay, the Esplanade, and Merlion Park. IT'S SUPER FUN!

Had dinner at True Blue. Another first time: trying the authentic Peranakan cuisine. The restaurant had great atmosphere and photogenic interior. The owner—who claims that he has some relatives living in Surabaya, Indonesia—is very friendly and helpful with everything. He gave us great recommendations for the food. I even got a favorite: bakwan kepiting. Read more about my dining experience at True Blue in this post.

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Day 2

Visited KidZania Singapore and MOSH!. Time to embrace my inner child! It's been so long for me to be curious about KidZania and on this trip I finally had the chance to visit the playground! And it's fun—seeing those kids had a little taste of the adult world. My favorite is getting on the Qatar Airways Boeing 737 and posing inside the real cockpit! Mosh is a thematic interactive digital playground where the huge Doodle Aquarium kept me curious and busy long enough.

Had lunch at Tanjong Beach Club. I've never been to a beach in Singapore, let alone a beach club. I even just know that Singapore actually has a beach! Here in Tanjong Beach Club, the atmosphere is nice and relaxing. There are indoor dining and outdoor dining, also a pool to splash around a little. The food are great and there are many instagrammable spots!

Had fun at Sentosa 4D Adventureland. A ticket will bring you to three 4D attractions: Extreme Log Ride, Desperados, and Journey 2. My favorite is the Extreme Log Ride. The animation isn't so realistic but quite thrilling. Desperados is fun too, it's a 10-minute cowboy show that requires us to ride a horse and shoot some targets with a gun. Overall, the 4D Adventureland is recommended for families.

Tried body-lifting at iFly Singapore. My ultimate extreme dream is to do bungee-jumping or skydiving. Body-lifting is not bungee-jumping nor skydiving, but close enough. That's why I was so excited to do this! iFly Singapore is an indoor skydiving facility and the world's largest. There are professional trainer that will guide and teach you all the essential knowledge and skills about body-lifting. And the experience is AWESOME! It's fun, challenging, and addicting!

Had dinner at Museo. This restaurant has a unique concept: a dining place which is also an art studio. Yes, you can have a great dining experience here, as well as a fun art-jamming experience. Dining here in Museo is also extraordinary with the dine-in-a-cup concept, which allows you to try so many delicious dishes. The Arteastiq will also give you great selections of tea. The art-jamming experience will get you to bring home your painting, all nicely packed.

Day 3 (Last Day)

Visited the ArtScience Museum. This is my most favorite destination in this trip! I've seen so many photos about this wonderful place on Instagram and couldn't wait to explore it myself. This museum is a great collaboration between skilled artists and scientists. My favorite exhibitions are the Future World (Crystal Universe, Black Waves, Sketch Town, Media Block Chair, Universe of Water Particles, Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses, Sketch Aquarium) and the Big Bang Data.

Had lunch at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant. When I first arrived at the restaurant, it's already bustling with sizzling food and buzzing eaters. It offers great traditional Malay food with good value. According to our tour guide, Hajah Maimunah is well-known for its beef rendang and tahu telur. The beef rendang tastes as delicious as Indonesian rendang and I didn't try the tahu telur because I hate tahu. But, there are so many cuisines that are quite similar to some Indonesian delicacies I know, like ikan bakar, ayam bakar Padang, lontong, sambal goreng, and ikan asam pedas. Overall, it's all recommended.

Visited The City. Another playground to discover! The City is an award-winning interactive learning playground. It's much like the mini version of KidZania because it's actually dedicated to 2-8 year-old children. The City offers a simpler role-playing experience, supports children's imagination and creativity by enabling them to mingle and play with each other. 

Had fun at Marine Cove. This is ANOTHER playground, but trust me it's very recommended even for all ages! It's really a great place to venture out: playing, cycling, roller-blading, beach volley-ing, climbing, running... you name it! It has a big outdoor playground with various activities to offer and surely will give you a hard time to get bored. The playground located near the East Coast Park Beach, perfect to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun.

Strolled around Changi Airport Singapore. This experience would be very useful for my future travels. STB recommends so many fun activities one can do in an airport! My favorites are the Butterfly Garden (Terminal 3), Orchid Garden (Terminal 2), Kinetic Rain (Terminal 1), Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe (Terminal 3), and The Slide (Terminal 3).

Where I Stayed

Quincy Hotel Singapore. This is the best place to stay in Singapore, I must say. It's located perfectly near the Orchard Road—just do a five-minute walk! The hotel is uniquely decorated and every corner is very insta-worthy, trust me. It's a shame that I didn't bring a more proper camera with me—I just had my iPhone. But I enjoyed every second of my stay here! Read more about my staying experience at Quincy Hotel in this post.

I wanna thank all the nice people from Singapore Tourism Board and Edelman for the great opportunity and wish them all the very best. Especially for Mas Satriyo and Mbak Gracia, the best travel companies that I couldn't ask for more. Three days and two nights are sure such a short time to spend. Can't wait for my next visit to Singapore!

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Photographs by Ruth Vania Christine and Satriyo Pamungkas

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