Kapunkaap, Bangkok

I've just got back from Bangkok, Thailand, about some hours ago. I spent about 3 days in total. I went by plane last Thursday, November 22nd, and arrived on CGK at 12.11 AM, Monday, November 26th. 

It's an adorable journey. At first it was so hard to adapt there, because not all the Thais knows English well, unlike maybe in Singapore or Malaysia. However, I admired their kindness of treating the tourists. Even that they can't speak English, nor even understand when we speak English, they still find the way to answer questions.

When I asked a guy where is the BTS station to Sukhumvit, he looked confused about what I've said. But since I've mentioned "BTS" and "to Sukhumvit", he pulled my arms and show me the way by walking straight to the station! What you have to know is actually the station is quite far from where I met him! I can't stop adoring his kindness. Not just him, many Thais there helped me and my family to find ways, stations, places, etc.


I flew to Bangkok with my family and my aunt's family. We went to so many places in a day, all was planned by my cousin, who has ever been to Phuket. Because of that, every day we spent there is such a tiring-but-great day. On the last days I really feel a huge pain in my feet due to the walking all day. We visited some temples, big Buddha statues, museums, beaches, and also the Thailand Grand Palace. Also, we went to the shopping centers, such as Siam Paragon, MBK, and the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

We also have experienced riding on almost all the Thai's transportation, such as the public train, BTS (sky train), MRT (subway train), taxi (why do I count that?), mini bus, public bus, long trip bus, pick-ups in Pattaya (I don't know what's the name), and the most famous Tuk-tuk!

I hate to pick favorites, but the most exciting place for me is Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are so many fancy things there in such a good price that I even didn't bear to bargain (but then I still did it though). The second rank goes to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Bangkok. I couldn't stop gazing at the wax statues, because they're looked really alike with the original person. Wow.

Over all the ups and downs, it was wonderful to be in Bangkok. The culture, the people, the food, the places, the city, all of them are lovable. I have to go to Bangkok again someday, really. It will be fascinating. ขอบคุณกรุงเทพ! You sure are adorable!

My brother and some friendly man we met and chatted with while having lunch at Pattaya

My brother and some friendly man we met and chatted with while having lunch at Pattaya

Photographs by Ruth Vania Christine, David Waltin, and Pinondang Pasaribu


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