The Thing Called "Blogging"

A couple days ago, a college friend said that one of my writings has helped him for doing an assignment and he thanked me. I was really confused of that compliment, up until he mentioned my blog. Turns out he found my writing on a novel by Peter Robb, M Caravagio, and use that as a reference to do his assignment. He even said that at first he unintentionally cited my blog for his essay!

Well, since I study English Literature, I've been posting my writing assignments on this blog. But, I don't really think about whether it would be useful for others or not, I just think that I want to share all of my writings.

Anyway, my friend's compliment on my blog took me to check out the blog and I ended up finding these very kind comments on my post where I talked about a poem by Oodgeroo NoonuccalTime is Running Out. Most comments said that my writing has been really useful and helping.

Blogging has been a thing for me to express feelings and thoughts. Well, my blog started off as a space of mine to ramble about life and random things, from what I read to what I interested to. Started off as a digital diary named 'My Story So Far'. So, no wonder I expect nothing from this blog, even such praise like what I got (or just knew that I got) on some of my blog posts.

Now, I'm so glad that my blog functioned really well. Really, I don't think that my writing can be that useful to others, now it's very interesting to know that it is. Hell, I even don't think that people still read blogs (but, maybe people just found my blog from the search engine). And it makes me to want to get a little bit serious about this blog. Well, let's see what would happen.


Featured Image Credit: Pexels