How to Handle Thoughts About Past Relationships

It's been months since my past relationship. The one that I did seem to regret the most. Lately, I've been thinking about my love life: the one whom it didn't work out, the ones I've sent back. It seems like no matter how far I go, the memories and thoughts would still follow.

My thoughts then goes to the people who really struglle with that. The people who just want their exes to be gone forever from their minds in order to let go and move on. 



It's normal to have memories and thoughts about exes

Don't take anything about it deep or seriously. Remind yourself that it's just what minds do, presenting memories and thoughts about the past. Just avoid any impulses based on thoughts about exes, simply like contacting or even deciding to get back together.

 Credit: Pexels/ Trinity Kubassek

Credit: Pexels/Trinity Kubassek

Get busy and take distance from exes

Engage yourself in something else interesting. Go hang out, take a time off. Write the hell out of your heart. Make yourself step back from the emotion and thoughts about the relationship and exes. Disengage from exes and let the distance work for you.



See the positives

Anything you did in your lifetime have something positive, even the failed ones. Remind yourself that the relationship wasn't a waste of time. Make that something that gives you life lessons. Stop punishing yourself with self-critical thoughts or self-intimidating questions.