They Were Never Meant to Work

They Were Never Meant to Work

They were never meant to work. They were never being close before. They had been just exchanging "hi" and "hello". They came from different worlds. They had no common interests. Never in their mind that the universe would mindle a way for them to be together. Yet, somehow they crossed path and the story happened.



She was loud, clumsy, and rather complicated. He was shy, funny, and warm. She was afraid of love. He was an open door to love. She was so careful about life, yet always tripped on the loose stones. He was busy embracing life, yet always assumed something seriously.

He saw her smile as if she was high on life. He made it as his motivation to get through the day. He made it as a reason to steal a glance at her from across the classroom or the hallway. He thought she was a bundle of joy with those silly giggles.

She saw his eyes funny. She always grinned whenever she caught him staring at her and smile a little to her giggle. She smiled whenever he greeted her and blushed. She was confused, "What was that for?". She had never thought of herself being a flower in someone's garden.

He went his way to stand by her. He acted silly to make her laugh. He spent his time worrying about her. She was afraid she would take him for granted, uncertain about what it might be. To her eyes, he was just under peer pressure. Yet, she was taken aback by the affection.

This was not how she was used to being treated. She had always an introvert at heart. And her reaction to the confession were not the best. She gasped, out of denials that he really meant all his affection as love. Out of disbelief that her attempt to smother his enthusiasm towards her had failed.

In fact, he did not give up. He was always there, minding to meant "I love you" everytime he said it. He listened to any of her babble and ramble. He laughed at any jokes she told. Until his warmth did start paying off. She melted a bit. Once, she held back his hands. But then she always looked at him with wonder. She was unable to say back any I-love-yous.

Image credit:  it's me neosiam  from  Pexels

Image credit: it's me neosiam from Pexels

She was horrible. She realized that, but she would keep on being like that. He kept on forgiving her. He kept on telling her how much he needed her. Until he suddenly pulled himself. He finally saw that this is a one-sided thing. His last strand of resistance was snapped by the girl who took a hesitant step towards him. His love was returned back as bitterness by the girl who would rather create walls around herself.

She wanted to stop lying. He managed to end things. At the end, turns out it didn't work out. The one underlying fact in all of this was that he loved her and she was too occupied with doubts and hesitation. But then they exhaled in relieve. She had failed each time and he had to bring all the wasted time to an end. Well, he gave his heart just to get it broken.

Later, she would realize that all his attempts to make her feel special weren't just something out of sympathy. "So, that's the thing," she would thought. Later, she would realize that all of that was precious. But, she was relieved to be able to let it go. She didn't want to take it all away, while being unable to give something back.

The story happened. Yet somehow, it didn't work. To them, it was never meant to work. They were never being close before. They came from different worlds. They had no common interests. He thought he could grow roses and peonies in winter. She thought she couldn't believe the weatherman. Yet in the end, after the spring blizzard, a pretty little rose leafed out. He survived something in her, something that had made her unafraid to feel and hope.

Image credit:  Min An  from Pexels

Image credit: Min An from Pexels

We came from different worlds, and yet you were the one how taught me the value of love. You showed me what it was like to care for another, and I am a better man because of it. I don’t want you to ever forget that.
— Nicholas Sparks, "The Notebook"

Based on the true story of R and F.

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