By Ruthie
By Ruthie
Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Ruth Christine

So, the writer is Ruth Vania Christine.

Basically, she is a sleepless writer who currently on her 20s and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is now a freelance content writer and a full-time blogger, started her career as a journalist at Kompas Gramedia Group. She is also an avid reader of fiction, or simply any random things on Wikipedia.

Writing has been her favorite thing since she started blogging in 2009. She spent four years studying English Literature at Universitas Indonesia and became deeply in love with writing ever since. Binge-watching is what she does regularly. She also enjoys travelling and visiting new places.

By Ruthie (previously Ruthvcp) is a tell-all blog, which has been a place where she can share all her personal stories, thoughts, and (hopefully) inspiring contents related to traveling and living in general. Hope this blog would be as interesting for you to read, as for her to write!

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